Firefly Boneyard

Opinions on quality aside, what are the odds they hold another Firefly Funhouse where The Fiend takes on Undertaker?

After seeing how meta they got with Cena, and the fact that Wyatt has been targeting people from his past, going after Taker to avenge that Mania loss and finally take the title of the New Phenom seems like a logical step.

Taker has a bunch of different eras he could move through, has his own “powers” to counteract whatever Fiend does, and proved he has some solid mini-movie chops in the Boneyard Match.

Does it happen?  Do you wait until next Mania or make this a Summerslam thing (depending on how the world is)?  And is the only way it’s meaningful is if Undertaker “loses” (whatever that looks like)?

Keep up the great work, stay health and safe!

I'm pretty sure they'll go there with the characters at some point.  In particular this Boneyard thing is a good way to keep Undertaker out of the ring if he can't perform anymore.  Hopefully they don't do it at a major PPV again, though.