Dr. Death ?’s

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I watched the Dark Side of the Ring episode on the Brawl for All and Dr. Death's run seemed to be one of the main themes

1. We know he was JR's boy, is that the only reason WWF/WWE's top brass thought so highly of him?

2. Would he have flopped in a top role if he would've gotten? Seems like he was past his prime by 98 and didn't really fit in the Attitude movement  

3. Is it true HHH eventually got the push that was envisioned for Dr. Death? 

4. Did Billy Gunn really get heat for knocking him out? 

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1.  No, WWE had their eye on him for years and actually had made various offers in the past but he was making good money in Japan.  Unfortunately by the time he was available it was too late to salvage his career because he was shot.

2.  He would have flopped hard in 1998, yes.  Maybe as a one-off challenger to Austin it would have worked but as a main drawing card?  No chance.  

3.  HHH didn't get that push until late 99, long as Doc was gone.  So no.

4.  Bart Gunn did, yes.