Stupid ridiculous Tag Team Title Lineage

Hey Scott,

Was wondering if you've been keeping up with WWE's Tag Team Championship lineage. It looks like in 2010 they actually deactivated the original championship lineage (these would be the belts held by Demolition and The Hart Foundation.)

In 2002, they launched exclusive tag team belts for SmackDown! (the tournament won by Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit) and somehow…wait for it…the SmackDown! tag team championship lineage morphed into the current RAW tag team championship lineage. So the RAW Tag Champions (The Street Profits) are holding the same belts Angle & Benoit held? What the fuck?

And then the current SmackDown belts are pretty new, being created in 2016 with the newest brand split. So the RAW belts only go back to 2002, the SmackDown belts go back to 2016, and the real tag team belts were deactivated in 2010.

I mean…Why? How? Who? What the fuck?  Anyone have any insight into any of this?

The logic, dumb as it is, is that Carlito and Primo were Smackdown champions when they beat Miz & Morrison to unify the titles, so that was the lineage that continued on.  

Now, this is all well and good, but what REALLY frosted my preservatives was when the New Day were chasing Demolition's reign, because they were two different titles!  You can't have it both ways.  So if they're saying "The New Day is trying to beat Demolition's record" then that should be WWE's way of saying they're part of the same lineage, too.  But it's not and they continue only recognizing the original belts up until 2010.