Favorite Wrestler Insults to Fans

Hello Scott, looking forward to the comments on this one:

What are the best derogatory terms heels call fans? (occasionally at other wrestlers but usually fans) Some obvious ones:

– Bobby Heenan: Humanoids, 9-to-5 Ham & Eggers

– Late WWE-run Chris Jericho: Stupid Idiots

– Rick Rude: Fat, out of shape <location, something alliterative>

My favorites:

– Eli Drake: Cross-eyed mouth-breathers

– Bob Backlund: Plebeians

– Jeff Jarrett: Slapnuts

– IRS: Tax cheats

– Larry Zbyszko: Spudheads

– Caprice Coleman: Jive turkeys

– Bad News Brown: Beer-bellied sharecroppers (my all-time favorite; did he use that in Stampede?)

Oh yeah man, Bad News was the king of insulting the redneck cowboy fans in Stampede with that one.  Honky Tonk Man also had some classic ones there, too.