Daily News Update – April 8, 2020

Hey yo.

DATELINE:  New Japan has gone and cancelled another whole batch of shows all the way through May, as the situation in Japan is getting bad again.  Despite the shows not taking place, the Observer is still going to award the main events six stars.

DATELINE:  The UFC will be running shows from reservation land in Lemoore, CA for the next couple of months while they finalize plans to BUY A GODDAMN ISLAND.  Guys, I’m no doctor, but I’m PRETTY sure that Covid isn’t going to respect the wishes of the Native American owners of the casino and stay away despite not technically being part of California.

DATELINE:  Not to be outdone, WWE is just straight up ignoring Florida’s shutdown order completely and is taping a month’s worth of shows at the PC this Friday.  Must be nice to live in Vince’s world.