Quickfire Questions

Hi Scott

Some quick questions for ya:

1) Do you think they missed a trick not having Otis hoist Mandy on his shoulder a la Miss Elizabeth? Would have been a better visual than what we got, imo.

2) Should the Boneyard have had a Kane cameo, or at least a reference, somewhere? Like when the roof exploded in fire?

3) Why the hell did they make Aleister Black look such a chump who only won because Lana interfered with Lashley crushing him?

4) Do you think we'll ever see clips of this WM in future once the lockdown stuff has passed, or will it be faded into obscurity deliberately?

5) I know you didn't like it, but if you had to pick one moment from the Funhouse match that gave you a genuine laugh or happy reaction, what was it?

6) And an AEW-related one to finish; if Vanguard-1 were to turn on Matt and side with Jericho, would it be the greatest heel turn of all time or what?

1.  The whole thing was a bad idea without a crowd.
2.  In a world where Kane wasn't busy running a city, perhaps.  But not now.  
3.  I thought it was fine.  
4.  No.  I can testify that interest in this show CRATERED after Saturday.  This is going to go down as the biggest failed experiment in their history, albeit with many asterisks, but definitely into "never speak of this again" territory once we're back to relative normal.  
5. I didn't like it as a MATCH.  Because there was no actual "fight" and it was all arthouse nonsense.  As a vignette, yeah, it was brilliant, and I popped for the SNME reference bigtime.  
6.  I'm thinking it's gonna happen, actually.