Jerry Lawler

Hello Scott,

Having time to watch and catch up on some classic wrestling stuff on the Network/YouTube…i get the impression that Lawler had so much impact on psychology in the business. No matter his on screen persona, tombstonig the hell out of Funk or some real great matches…i got the feeling he is way too much underrated or is it just that much of the last 10+ years of sports entertainment has that impact on me.

Oh yeah, Jerry Lawler is very underrated these days.  Probably a result of him being portrayed as such a clown in his last wrestling days with the WWF in the 90s, but he's the guy that Hulk Hogan owes his entire "hulking up" routine to!  Also he pioneered the art of doing programs with big monster heels that Hulk made millions from.  Watching the older Memphis stuff on YouTube, especially the cage match with Austin Idol, makes you appreciate how he could get so much out of so little, which is why Hogan ended up with a crippled body and Lawler was still able to work the same matches into his 60s.