Sting/Undertaker in a boneyard style match

What do you think about a Sting/Undertaker match in the cinematic style of the Boneyard match?

A live, in-ring match would probably go bad due to their age, and Sting's neck injuries. But with the positive response the Boneyard match has been getting, this might be the best setting for these two. With
a taped match like this, they can stop whenever needed, and with edits they can make things look more dangerous than they are. Even have a stunt guy for Sting for any nasty bumps. Maybe give Jeff Farmer a call.

They could also go all the way with the magic, special effects stuff.

Literally three people emailed me this exact premise within one minute of each other just now.  And yeah, if Sting returns, this is what they should do with him, totes.