Hey Scott,

Just read your Mania rant. Was disappointed that you didn't seem to enjoy the Firefly Funhouse match, especially after you praised the Boneyard Match from the first night.

I mean, what were you expecting from the way this was promoted? Would you have preferred a boring, pedestrian house show match in an empty arena with those two? 

Cena can't be working a real match or taking bumps, he's a movie star now. And Bray's strengths were never in the ring. This Final Deletion type vignette stuff is the perfect vehicle for his character.

What we got was actually a brilliant deconstruction of John Cena's character/ego. Bray took him on a journey through his own career/life, and showed Cena that he had become everything he promised he wouldn't ("I would never leave for Hollywood, I'm WWE for life" was something he said often during the Rock feud a few years ago). If that was really it for Cena, he put The Fiend over in the biggest way possible on the way out. Wyatt ripped Cena's psyche apart and literally erased him from existence. What more could anybody possibly want?

Frankly, I think this cinematic approach is the future of wrestling. Between this and the Boneyard match, AEW and their video game wrestling immediately look like a sad relic from the past. Vince just showed us he's got plenty of gas left in the tank, and his little FU to AEW and Ambrose with the "this is such good shit!" line was icing on the cake. This is the big reinvention wrestling has needed for 20 something years. I, for one, couldn't be more excited for the new era. This is the most fun I've had watching wrestling in years.

  Welcome to the future, Scott.   

I would have liked a wrestling match at Wrestlemania.