Cinema Mania matches!


Based on the feedback to last nights boneyard match, does this open the door to more cinema on location matches featuring older stars/dream matches and the rock so he can maybe bypass insurance issues?

Rock-Roman next year in a somoan circle of death fight on a beach (or black panther style on top of a waterfall!

Austin-Punk at the Broken Skull Ranch (can plug Rollins in here too if Vince isn’t over not wanting to use Punk)

Taker-Sting (finally!) boneyard match!

Rock-HHH boardroom brawl from WWE headquarters (plug Jericho in here when his AEW contract is up!)

Hogan/Braun monster truck rally match on a rooftop in Detroit ending with Hogan slamming Braun off the roof!

Best idea ever or BEST idea ever???

I'd say this is hitting a chord with fans.