Boneyard match

I’m with you. I LOVED IT!! Only gripe is constant edits and cuts but not in the Kevin Dunn hot flash way . Perfect timing for this as you wouldn’t/shouldn’t do it if it was still a stadium show.  A couple things; 

1. At this point give the production team a shot at writing/booking, they’re the only people that have been consistently good the past 10+ years

2. Undertaker has some B-Movie fun acting chops. When do I get to see him being the owner of a Texas bar fending off local gangs ?

3. UT shoulda retired years ago, but his is the only character you can get away wuth this, just have him do this cheesy stuff on network specials, start a new streak there.

4. Only one thing would have made this better and that’s Vampiro & KISS Demon randomly fighting through to their grave plot.

I'm certainly getting a lot of email about the match this morning!