Smackdown – November 4, 2005

Date: November 4, 2005
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 10,000
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

We’re in the big city this week and it’s a show that was taped before this week’s Taboo Tuesday. I’m not sure what we’re going to be seeing this week but odds are it’s time to start the build towards Survivor Series. Batista and Eddie Guerrero are actually working well together so we’ll see where that goes from here. Let’s get to it.

Earlier today, MNM arrived outside and walked the red carpet. Teddy Long popped up to say they’ll be defending the titles against Eddie Guerrero and Batista tonight.

Opening sequence.

Rey Mysterio/Matt Hardy vs. Christian/John Bradshaw Layfield

Hardcore Holly is guest referee. Matt headlocks Christian to start but has to fight out of the wrong corner. A dive over the top is caught by JBL but Rey dives onto all three of them for a big crash. Back in and JBL unloads on Rey in the corner until Holly pulls him off. Not that it matters as Christian comes in for two off a faceplant as Cole recaps Taboo Tuesday. Hardy comes in for a failed save attempt and accidentally hits Holly as we take a break.

Back with Rey hitting the springboard hurricanrana for two but JBL runs him over with a shoulder. Christian saves JBL from a quick 619 attempt and hammers away at Rey’s ribs. The abdominal stretch goes on until it’s back to JBL for a super fall away slam. A regular version is countered though and the hot tag brings in Matt to clean house.

Everything breaks down and Matt’s middle rope legdrop gets two on Christian. Poetry in Motion hits JBL but Holly pulls a chair away from Christian. That doesn’t work for Christian, who hits Holly from behind. Holly is back up with an Alabama Slam, leaving Matt to hit the Twist of Fate on Christian for the pin at JBL walks off.

Rating: B-. This was a fast paced and energetic match with Holly being there to add in….well little more than a gimmick really but that’s ok. The interesting point here was Christian making his last appearance for several years. He would be one of the first big names to jump over to TNA but certainly not the last.

Teddy Long is ready for Eric Bischoff to arrive.

Here’s Sharmell to introduce Booker T. for a chat. Booker sees a lot of suckers around here because these people are all suckers. Of course he knew what Sharmell was doing and we see some clips of Booker feigning ignorance to Sharmell’s interference. We also see last week’s fake apology to set up the big reveal…and here’s Long again because he’s busy tonight. It’s time for a title defense right after the break.

US Title: Booker T. vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit is challenging and has taped ribs. Booker goes after him in the corner to start but Benoit chops the champ out to the floor. A suplex makes it worth back inside and Benoit’s hard clothesline gets two. Sharmell’s interference doesn’t work as Benoit knees Booker in the ribs, only to get dropped ribs first onto the top.

The chinlock doesn’t last long as Benoit elbows his way to freedom and snaps off the rolling German suplexes. Another Sharmell distraction makes the Swan Dive miss though and Benoit is down again. He’s right back up with the Crossface but Booker gets to the rope….and walks for the countout.

Rating: C-. This was almost a squash until Booker left as Benoit shrugged off almost everything Booker threw at him, as limited as it was. You can almost guarantee a rematch and it wouldn’t shock me to see Booker get himself disqualified to set up their next match as a result. That’s not a bad thing, but don’t run it into the ground.

We recap the Taboo Tuesday tag match and Batista crushing Coach.

Bob Orton Jr. vs. Roddy Piper

They really see something in this don’t they? Before the match, Orton says Piper has to do it by himself for once until the bagpipes cut him off. The referee is making sure Piper’s gear is properly stored in the corner, allowing Orton to get in a belt shot to the head. Orton, in street clothes, stomps away in the corner but stops to pose, allowing Piper to get to his feet. Granted Orton knocks him right back down though so it doesn’t seem to matter very much. The chinlock goes on followed by a backbreaker but Piper slips out of a slam and grabs the sleeper. Cue Randy Orton to jump Piper for the DQ.

Rating: D+. That’s on a sliding scale as both guys are old and can’t do much more at this point. At least there is a feud here though and it’s a good idea to keep this short, though I’m not sure how interesting it is to have these people continuing a story from about twenty years ago. Not terrible, but they couldn’t have let it go on much longer.

Post match Randy beats the heck out of Piper and says he’s the Legend Killer. Piper tries to fight back and gets RKOed for his efforts.

Bobby Lashley vs. Nunzio/Vito

Lashley drives Nunzio into the corner for the shoulders to the ribs. Vito’s cheap shot lets the villains get in a dog pile two count but Lashley drives them both into the corner. Vito is sent outside and it’s the Dominator to finish Nunzio in a hurry.

Eric Bischoff arrives and is met by security and the Boogeyman.

Long is in the ring to introduce Bischoff for a chat. Bischoff says Smackdown vs. Raw is out of control, though Long’s actions are remind him of his WCW days. They get to the point: Raw vs. Smackdown in a ten man elimination match at Survivor Series. Bischoff calls Smackdown the B show and insults the Smackdown fans (continuing a dumb tradition). Long accepts and says Bischoff will lose just like he did in the Monday Night Wars (Bischoff: “DON’T GO THERE!”). It’s such a good idea that we’ll even throw in a bonus at Survivor Series: Bischoff vs. Long. Bischoff accepts and gets taken away by security, leaving Long to dance.

Video on Undertaker. Gee you think he might be back?

Mr. Kennedy vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Kennedy kicks him down to start and takes him it outside for some rams into the apron. Back in and we hit the bearhug but Scotty slips out for a superkick. Kennedy crotches him on top though and the super Regal Roll is good for the pin. Basic and completely acceptable, even though Kennedy busted himself open in there somewhere.

Tag Team Titles: MNM vs. Eddie Guerrero/Batista

MNM is defending and Melina looks very nervous. Batista and Mercury get things going with Nitro coming in for the double teaming. One double clothesline has the champs on the floor as we take an early break. Back with Eddie choking Mercury from the apron behind the referee’s back (the classics always work) and it’s a slingshot hilo to make it worse. Batista’s backbreaker gets two with Nitro having to make a fast save.

It’s back to Eddie, who grabs a chair and the timekeeper’s hammer, but the referee catches him pretty easily. Two Amigos connect so Melina gets on the apron, meaning the chase is on. The distraction lets Nitro get in a dive onto Eddie and the champs take over for the first time. Mercury gets in his own corner choking (must have been paying attention) and the chinlock goes on.

The front facelock keeps Eddie in trouble but he dances his way to freedom (the backbreaker didn’t hurt either). Batista comes in to clean house but it’s quickly back to Eddie. Everything breaks down and Batista torture racks Nitro as Eddie hits Three Amigos on Mercury. Melina, with brass knuckles, comes in for a save so Eddie frog splashes her instead. Nitro gets in the knuckles shot to retain.

Rating: C-. The champs were nearly squashed here as while they were on offense, it never felt like they were going to be able to retain without a lot of cheating. Granted having the current World Champion and a former World Champion as the challengers didn’t do a lot of favors for the champs here. At least they didn’t go with the stupid title change, but they very well may in the next few weeks.

Overall Rating: C. This wasn’t too bad with the opener being entertaining and nothing too terrible throughout the rest of the show. The big Survivor Series announcement should help a lot going forward though and under the right circumstances, that could be a heck of a match. The rest of the stuff wasn’t great, but at least they have something big to work towards now.

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