Hi Scott

No, this isn't a question about Wade Keller's newsletter.

Am I the only one that finds Hulk Hogan's suggestion that Andre "passed him the torch" at WrestleMania 3 to be a bit silly?  I mean, Andre never really had the torch, as he was a novelty wrestler (albeit an exceptionally popular one, and an underrated worker) and wasn't a World Champion.  Also, it's not like Hulkamania was born at the Silverdome; Hogan had been on top for well over two years at that point and was incredibly over.  Am I missing something with this torch passing stuff, or is it another case of Hollywood Hulk Hyperbole?
Yeah, Hulk gonna Hulk.  Andre was basically in semi-retirement when he "passed the torch" there.  If anything the "torch" was passed when Backlund brought Hogan back against the Samoans in 1984 and then never left his hands again.