Something Other Than Red and Yellow

Hi, Scott. I get Hogan (and Vince) going with red and yellow for marketing purposes, but I really dig the early Hogan matches where he would rock different colors (there was a look in the AWA where he had black knee pads to go with the yellow trunks that was badass).  In a world without red and yellow, what would be an awesome Hogan look? 
See, that's another reason why Macho Man ruled and Hogan drooled.  Macho was always changing up the look (four times in one night at Wrestlemania!) and Hogan was a slave to the ketchup-and-mustard standard.  

I always thought that the white tights and boots were a nice special occasion look, like the Volkoff match on SNME. Or he could do red tights, white kneepads and blue boots if he really wanted to be on the nose.  Maybe the Harley Race combo of royal purple tights and gold kneepads?  The baby blue combination was a little weird but I could live with it as well.