The ESSENTIAL Thursday Night Thread: April 2, 2020

…I should make progress on that fantasy card thing.  50-hour weeks in the field I’m in will kill my energy.

Today I am supposed to be in Tampa helping Prime Time Pro with their event while getting psyched for CRAB’s big stage debut.  We were gonna have the Ugly Duckling, GymNasty Boys, Carnies, and Capital Vices in a huge four-way elimination match, plus the Sandman was gonna take on Kevin Sullivan in a tag team cage match (I forget who their partners were going to be).  Alas.

But I’m gonna have some fun.  After the jump, a slew of awesome matches including a few recommended by you the readers!

And now, some great viewings.  First, a pair from Lawrence Talbot that are in the EVE library:

We start with Meiko Satomura facing Kay Lee Ray…

…and he follows with a great tag match between the Woke Queens and the team of Jinny and Kanji.

But wait, there’s more!  Here’s a duel between Johnny Kidd and Jordon Breaks provided by our own Phil Stubington, and as a special treat it’s under World of Sport rules!

Lemme keep it going with a great styles clash: from H2O wrestling, it’s Matt Tremont versus ROH mascot Cheeseburger!

There’s a ton more I could post, but I don’t want to overload your browser…

*intern hands him a URL*

Holy hell, THAT match is available?  Well, I can’t NOT include it!  It’s a Wednesday Night War crossover in EVOLVE!