WWF Wrestling Challenge – December 25th, 1994

December 25, 1994

From the Lowell Memorial in Lowell, MA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, dressed as Santa Claus, and Ted DiBiase.


We are shown the Diesel interview from “Superstars.”


Owen vs. Buck Quartermaine

Gorilla pulls out organically grown Bananas from his bag while DiBiase said that his stockbroker dresses up as to Santa deliver him cash for Christmas. Both men fight over a lockup then Owen slaps Quartermaine across the face. The announcers talk about Diesel and put over his intelligence. Quartermaine briefly works the arm after an arm drag but ends up running into a knee smash. Owen slams Quartermaine as the announcers talk about the No Holds Barred matches between Bret and Owen on the Holiday Wish Tour. Quartermaine fights back and catches Owen with a dropkick but after that is caught with a belly-to-belly suplex then Owen uses a Sharpshooter for the win (2:32). Gorilla then talks about Owen teaming with Neidhart as part of the Tag Team Title Tournament.

Thoughts: Solid action here as Owen is mainly being pushed in matches against Bret as they barely mentioned how he was part of the Tag Team Tournament.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Bert Centeno

Gorilla once again puts Kid over as being part of the New Generation. Kid takes Centeno down with a spinning heel kick but Centeno comes back with an eye rake. Centeno hammers away then uses a headscissors takedown in a surprising spot. Centeno continues to hammer away but Kid yells and starts kicking away. Kid then slams Centeno and heads up top with a flying leg drop for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Kid gave Centeno a lot on offense and to be honest Centeno didn’t look bad but the Kid’s offense got over as he continues to impress in the ring.


WWF Live Event News with Tamara Murphy making her debut. This, of course, was Tammy Fytch in Smoky Mountain Wrestling where she was a heel manager. She wishes us a “Merry Merry Christmas” then tells us about the Holiday Wish Tour. She was a lot more excited and authentic than Stephanie Wiand not to mention a more youthful look that the company is aiming for with its personalities. And, according to Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” the company was going to put her on Live Event News and slowly make her more obnoxious before turning her into a heel manager. Let’s see if his report turned out to be correct.


We see clips of the Lex Luger vs. IRS match from “Monday Night RAW” where Tatanka revealed himself as the druid as Luger lost via countout.


IRS w/ Ted DiBiase & The Druid vs. Nick Barberri

Before the match, IRS yells at us for buying too many Christmas presents and not leaving enough money to pay their taxes. IRS works the arm as Gorilla runs down the matches that have been announced so far for the Royal Rumble. IRS boots Barberri in the ribs then hits a butterfly suplex before the Write Off Clothesline gets the win (1:18).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for Gorilla to talk about the Royal Rumble.


Gorilla recaps the Tag Team Title Tournament.


Smoking Gunns defeat Brooklyn Brawler & Duane Gill from the 12/18 edition of “Action Zone.”


We get a vignette of Jeff Jarrett inside of Caesar’s Palace and wonders if he will play the venue as he lists off other big acts that have performed in the same building.


Adam Bomb vs. Barry Hardy

The announcers talk about Bomb being part of the Royal Rumble match. Bomb works over Hardy as the announcers now talk about Jeff Jarrett’s album. Bomb calls for “total destruction” and hits a side slam then an elbow drop. Bomb now busts out a snap suplex and a standing dropkick then uses a slingshot clothesline for the win (2:08).

Thoughts: The way DiBiase kept bringing up that Bomb would not be able to do anything with King Kong Bundy in a Rumble would almost lead you to believe those two would have a spot in the match or even end up having a match or two.


The Kama debut vignette airs.


Henry Godwinn defeats Tony Roy from the 12/18 edition of “Action Zone.”


Another Live Event News segment.


A WWF Merchandise Catalog ad airs.


Santa runs off with some cash from DiBiase’s bag then Gorilla comes up in street clothes saying he was late arriving. The joke was that Gorilla was not under the Santa suit this week. It was just as dumb as it reads.


The Clip of Diesel leading WWF Employees in wishing us a Happy Holidays airs again.


Final Thoughts: We’ve now reached the portion of Challenge where they fill time with first-run squash matches from Action Zone. Besides the debut appearance of Tamara Murphy (which is really just for historical purposes) nothing happened on the show. This was the final episode from 1994 and it will be back next year but wound up being cancelled before the year ended.