Post-Mania plans for Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but Brock's only signed through May or June of this year and Goldberg's not signed beyond Wrestlemania weekend. Given the current circumstances, is it a given that either of them re-up with WWE once their contracts expire, even on a short-term basis? Things aren't likely to get better in the short term.

Keep in mind:

– Running zero house shows for an extended period of time and transitioning Mania to an empty arena is likely to result in millions of dollars of lost revenue for WWE and we still don't know when WWE will be able to hold shows in front of an audience, again.

– The XFL cancelled the remainder of their 2020 season, so that's a double whammy in terms of lost revenue for VKM.
– Brock lives in Saskatchewan. Travel to and from the United States is likely to be dicey through the remainder of his contract.
– Goldberg falls into an age bracket that is at a higher risk for Covid-19 complications.
– Neither of them are likely to sign for less than top-dollar.

All things considered, wouldn't it be in WWE's best interest to do the title changes sooner than later?

Probably, but there hasn’t been a lot of well thought out logical decisions made as of late.