DraftKings promotion

Hi Scott, first time writing, love the blog.

Had to get your take on this email I just received:

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 1.16.21 PM.png

"Pick what you think will happen"…just…lol.

Also, the T&C has some fun nuggets:  

–  If any change in WrestleMania storyline renders a particular Prop no longer relevant or applicable, DraftKings reserves the right to remove that Prop (and all associated points) from the Promotion, in its sole discretion, provided it gives notice to all Players of its removal. 
– As a tiebreaker, Players shall also be asked to provide what the total time in the Universal Championship Match (bell to bell) in minutes and seconds for WrestleMania 36 that will be announced during the event.

What do you think?  You going to give it a go?  😜

Oh, you’re lucky I read it, because usually those kinds of emails are from marketing people wanting to work with me on my ad inventory or write a sponsored post on the blog and I just spam-block them. 
Also, I’ll take a pass on this, thanks.