WWF Monday Night RAW – December 19th, 1994

December 19, 1994

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels


Lex Luger vs. IRS w/ Ted DiBiase & Druid

Only one druid for IRS this week. Seems suspicious. Shawn believes that Luger looks stressed out. Luger flexes after shoving IRS then Shawn calls Luger the “Total Package” as Luger now runs over IRS. Vince brings up a few weeks ago when the Druid cost Adam Bomb a match and Luger made the save. Vince believes the Druids are members of The Corporation as IRS now puts the boots to Luger. We now see Luger fight back and hit a clothesline for two. Luger then yells at the Druid and ends up getting sent outside with a high knee by IRS. The Druid kicks Luger as IRS distracts the referee before going out. IRS rolls Luger back into the ring and delivers more kicks as Vince hypes up Luger as being part of the Royal Rumble match. We go to break after zooming in on The Druid’s ring as Vince says it looks familiar and return with IRS getting a two count off of a backbreaker. IRS drops a pair of elbows for two as the announcers reference the Luger/Tatanka feud. IRS now applies a chin lock as Shawn said if Luger had any smarts to him he would have taken the money. IRS puts his feet on the ropes for leverage as Vince says that Luger has integrity. Luger fights out but runs into a knee smash. IRS hits a leg drop for two as Shawn says Luger lacks the resources to compete with The Corporation. Luger wins a slug fest then hits a back suplex as both men are down. The crowd gets into this as Luger boots a charging IRS then hits a knee lift. Luger clotheslines IRS then The Druid grabs his leg and punches him in the face with his ring while DiBiase was distracting the ref. IRS rolls up Luger but only gets two then Luger heads outside and beats on The Druid, who reveals himself as Tatanka. Luger continues his attack until he gets counted out (7:00) *3/4. After the match, IRS attacks Luger from behind then leaves with the rest of The Corporation as Shawn says that Luger is a “sap.”

Thoughts: Basic match with an obvious ending. The problem was, even though Luger got a good reaction for his comeback, is that his feud with Tatanka is ice cold and once again he was left looking like a moron.


The announcers recap the Tag Team Tournament match this weekend between Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow and Men on a Mission.


The Bushwhackers, who are in action tonight against Well Dunn, are with Howard Finkel. The Fink is dressed similarly and takes part in their goofy actions. He is in the Bushwhackers corner for this match to keep an eye on Harvey Whippleman.


Jeff Jarrett is walking around Las Vegas. He runs into Rip Taylor, who is apparently a huge fan. They talk for a minute not much happens. Rip Taylor, entertainer for the New Generation.


The Smoking Gunns vs. Roy Raymond & Chris Avery

Shawn calls the Gunns “Rexall Rangers” and not a true Texan like himself. Billy takes Raymond over with a hip toss as the announcers talk about The Gunns being part of the Tag Team Tournament. The Gunns stay in control as Shawn says maybe The Gunns can afford a double-wide trailer if they capture the Tag Team Titles. Avery tags in and grabs a side headlock on Bart but soon after that gets knocked down. Shawn talks about how he dislikes cowboys and sees himself as a Bruce Dern-like cowboy as The Gunns beat on Avery. Shawn continues to make fun of The Gunns and says we know what he is into and its not “riding bulls.” The Gunns are still beating on Avery then finally put him out of his misery with the Sidewinder (4:17).

Thoughts: Shawn was hilarious on commentary and the highlight of the match. The Gunns are still being pushed as a favorite to win the tournament, however.


We get a hype video for next week’s Tatanka vs. British Bulldog match. Also next week, Henry Godwinn’s RAW debut.


King’s Court is up next. Lawler brings out Bob Backlund after introducing him as a role model. Lawler tells us how Backlund won the title from Bret Hart, thus deserving fan respect, but after that he was railroaded by WWF President Jack Tunney and forced to face Diesel. Backlund says he walks tall and knows where the plebeians stand in this world. Backlund then talks about knowing the meaning of the words he uses then talks about the people deserving Bret, who he beat, and that they now have to come up to his level. Backlund now calls out Diesel for not having the guts to shake his hand like a man before going back to saying how he wants to bring the fans up in order to be successful in life. Backlund then calls out “Kevin Nash” and calls him a “neanderthal” and the tyrannosaurus rex of the WWF as Shawn keeps asking Vince if he knows who Nash is and to guess who taught him the name as Backlund promises to finish off Nash for good. The Backlund act is starting to wear thin. And calling out Diesel by his real name while not saying it was certainly not something you saw a lot in this era. However, we would get to know Kevin Nash the person soon enough.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Chris Kanyon

Shawn laughs about Holly hitting a wall during the Snowball Derby as Vince says Holly is preparing for next season but now focusing on the WWF. Holly runs over Kanyon before taking him over with a hip toss. Holly works the arm as Shawn says that Backlund looked even goofier than usual tonight. Kanyon attacks Holly in the corner but Holly takes him over with a flying headscissors. The announcers talk about the upcoming Backlund vs. Diesel matches to kickoff the West Coast swing of the “Holiday Wish” tour as Kanyon yanks Holly down to the mat. Kanyon hits a back suplex for two as Shawn heard that Holly was trying to qualify for the Royal Rumble. Holly drills Kanyon with a clothesline as Shawn refuses to answer if he will be part of the Rumble but adds you cannot have a major show without him. Holly now works a side headlock as Shawn puts over all his talents as Vince now talks about the Vinny Pazienza appearance on the “Action Zone” yesterday. Holly slams Kanyon then heads up and hits a flying elbow drop for the win (3:37).

Thoughts: The big takeaway here was Shawn being vague on whether or not he would be part of the Royal Rumble. In his shoot interview with RF video, Kanyon said that Holly clotheslined him so hard that he had a sore throat for over a week. Also, we learned that the Action Zone would be off for Christmas and New Years Day and return in three weeks.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill. We will learn of new Rumble match entrants and other matches this weekend.


Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. The Bushwhackers w/ Howard Finkel

Shawn guesses that Finkel does not get a lot of “chicks” as Vince adds that “not everyone is in to that sort of thing.” Huh. Bushwhackers run wild to start and march around with Bushwhacker Fink after clearing the ring. Whippleman’s stunned facial expression was great though. Shawn talks about Pamela Anderson newly being single as we get some poorly executed comedy spots with The Bushwhackers maintaining control. Well boots Luke from the apron and Dunn hits a DDT. Well tags and gets two with a flying back elbow smash after Butch made the save. Shawn calls Finkel a “narc” and a “stooge” for telling the referee about Whippleman’s interference the last time these teams faced off. Luke gets his foot up on a flying attack then tags as the crowd is just dead for Butch’s comeback. The match breaks down then Finkel pants Whippleman while trying to get him off of the apron and Butch blocks a sunset flip for the win in a finish mostly missed by the cameraman (4:23) DUD.

Thoughts: Lots of bad comedy (and action too) to supplement the Whippleman/Finkel feud. By the end the crowd was completely dead for this and rightfully so, it sucked.


We now see Mabel with Santa Claus. He asks Santa what he wants for Christmas and before passing out due to Mabel being on his lap, they switch positions as Santa said this is much better. Moving on.


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs. Nick Barberri

Neidhart starts screaming at the Spanish language announcers before entering the ring. The action is joined in progress with Neidhart destroying Barberri in the corner. The announcers put over Neidhart & Owen Hart teaming up as part of the Tag Team Tournament as Neidhart stays in control. Barberri gets dumped outside then Neidhart brings him back in and uses a Camel’s Clutch for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: No idea what the deal was with Neidhart yelling at the Spanish announce team but Neidhart & Owen were pushed a tiny bit here on commentary but for the most part the team has been an afterthought on TV recently and with good reason as we would see soon enough.


We get an ad for the Royal Rumble.


The show ends with the announcers talking about Christmas, with Shawn saying he cannot disclose his gifts as this is a family show.


Also in action for next week are The Undertaker and Diesel as guest on the King’s Court. Shawn closes the show by talking about the only stockings hanging at his home are fishnet.


Thoughts: The only highlight this week was Shawn on commentary. Despite mostly putting himself over it was still better than anything else on this show. Next week we get Tatanka vs. Bulldog and Diesel on the King’s Court as the build towards the Royal Rumble continues.