Tuesday Night Streaming Thread – March 31, 2020


AEW Dark is premiering right now and NWA continues to fill time with another leftover from 2018 because everything is on hold until they figure out what to do about the Crockett Cup.  At this point I’m thinking I should just finish catching up on the older episodes of Powerrr I missed because obviously it’s going to be a while before they upload new stuff again.  In the meantime, this week’s presentation is an empty arena match between Tim Storm and Jocephus from 2018.


Also tonight, AEW Dark with matches taped last week, and apparently they taped a bunch of stuff in advance.  Minor note, but tonight is also the AEW debut of Matt Sells, who is a friend of mine on Facebook, so give it a look!

Not too much for news today.  RAW did the lowest rating in history as the empty arena novelty has completely worn off, but numbers are down everywhere.  Especially the blog, which is hitting some pretty sad lows in what is normally my biggest time of the year.   As always, extra thanks to the people who support me on Patreon because I don’t see things getting better any time soon.  But hey, if I did this for the money, I’d have quit LONG ago anyway.

Stay safe and be healthy!