Possibly changing plans

Scott I'm assuming we were in for some title changes at WrestleMania . If I can guess the original plans it seems like a lock Roman was getting another coronation (obviously not now), I was expecting Drew to slay the beast, and the Becky/Shayna storyline seemed right out of Rocky 3 where the hungry badass challenger destroys the champion that becomes content to setup a rematch later. So given the circumstances do you think all original plans stay the same or do you expect all champions to retain?

I would certainly expect Shayna to destroy Becky and end her YEAR-LONG title reign, because Becky has nowhere left to go as champion anyway.  I hope to god Charlotte doesn't win the NXT title from Rhea.  I don't think Drew was ever winning at Wrestlemania in the first place, so it'll probably be a DQ or no-contest or something.  Braun-Goldberg, no idea.  They could either way and it's fine.