Option A or Option B – WrestleMania Edition

Hey, we haven’t done one of these in a while

For those not acquainted, I give Scott a question/scenario and ask him which he prefers, Option A or Option B

This time out it’ll be WrestleMania themed, because Mania week

1 – Better Mania Match Involving A Celebrity

Option A: Lawrence Taylor Vs Bam Bam Bigelow


Option B: Floyd Mayweather Vs Big Show

I was not a fan of the Mayweather match.

2 – Better Mania Mixed Tag Match

Option A: Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire Vs Macho King and Queen Sherri


Option B: Sable and Marc Mero to Vs Luna and Goldust

That Sable match was a friggin’ miracle.

3 – Better Mania Ric Flair Match

Option A: Vs Undertaker in 2002


Option B: Vs Shawn Michaels in 2008

I wasn’t the hugest fan of the Shawn match but it’s got more memorable stuff than the Undertaker one.

4 – Better Mania Show

Option A: WrestleMania 2


Option B: WrestleMania 13

13 has one of the greatest matches in history.  2 has nothing.


5 – Should They Have Gone Ahead With Hogan Vs Flair At WrestleMania VIII?

Option A: Yes


Option B: No, I preferred the double Main Event of Flair/Savage and Hogan/Sid that they did instead

I wasn’t really hyped for Hogan-Flair at the time, and I ended up liking the Savage feud more.  So I’m happy with what we got.

6 – Should The Bret Vs Shawn Iron Man Match Had Falls In It?

Option A: No, I like the fact they didn’t do any falls in the 60 minutes


Option B: Yes, they should have done falls (bonus question if you pick this one, what would you have booked the score to be?)

Should have been like 3-2 Shawn.

7 – Better Undertaker Mania Match

Option A: Vs Diesel in 1996


Option B: Vs Randy Orton in 2005

Definitely Diesel.  That Orton match didn’t age very well.

8 – Worse Mania Show

Option A: WrestleMania IV


Option B: WrestleMania XI

I can still watch IV without stopping for caffeine.  11 is an abomination in a trash heap of a building with a dead crowd.

9 – Add A Stip To A Mania Match

Option A: You make the APA/Dudleyz/Hardyz/Billy &Chuck match at Mania X-8 into a TLC match


Option B: You make Warrior Vs Savage at Mania VII into an I Quit Match

Savage-Warrior was perfect as is, so A wins.

And finally

10 – Better Vince McMahon Mania Ass Kicking

Option A: Vs Hogan in 2003


Option B: Vs Shawn Michaels in 2006

B. Shawn fucked him up so badly that I was almost feeling sorry for Vince by the end.