PWI Decade Awards

What's up my friend to the North. Just picked up the latest pwi (first time in a long time actually), inside they give the best of the decade awards 2010-19. I wanted to see if you agree with some of the winners and if not who should have won.

1) Most popular winner John Cena

2) Most hated winner Brock Lesnar

3) Fued of the decade Okada vs Omega

4) Match of the decade Taker vs Shawn WM 26 career vs streak

5) Tag team of the decade New Day

6) Wrestler of the decade AJ Styles

I didn’t even know PWI was still publishing outside of the year end stuff. 
1)  This was pretty clearly DBry I’d say. 
2)  Sure, Brock is fine.  
3) I would agree unless we count WWE vs AEW. 
4) Not even close.  Not even the best WM match of that period.  Okada vs Omega or Cole vs Gargano takes it.  
5)  LOL.  Young Bucks by a landslide.  
6)  I like AJ but just no.  Okada is the only choice.