(Potentially) Unpopular Opinion Alert


I was using the free access at watch.wwe.com to re-watch Savage-Steamboat from WMIII. Potentially unpopular opinion: the constant bickering between Jesse and Gorilla is so annoying that it takes away from enjoyment of the match. It's brutal. 

I also re-watched Savage Hogan from WMV. The bickering isn't quite as bad, and I ruefully laughed out loud during Savage-Hogan when Jesse said something along the lines of "maybe Elizabeth deserves a punch in the nose [from Savage] for the stuff she's pulled." I suppose it was a different time, when it was ok to punch a lady in the nose.

Ah, for those carefree days when you could light up a smoke on an airplane and backhand the stewardess if she messed up your sandwich and whiskey order.  Damn terrorists messing everything up for the working man!