Smackdown – October 28, 2005

Date: October 28, 2005
Location: Cow Palace, San Francisco, California
Attendance: 3,500
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

We’re on the way to both Taboo Tuesday and Survivor Series, with Smackdown being represented at both shows. Taboo Tuesday is primarily a Raw show but there will be a Smackdown match included. That’s likely going to be a focal point of this week, plus Roddy Piper taking part in a six man tag in his old stomping grounds. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the Raw vs. Smackdown feud, which started at Homecoming and is heading towards Taboo Tuesday.

Christian opens us up with the Peep Show but Rey Mysterio interrupts in a hurry. He wants to be voted into the Taboo Tuesday match because Edge and Christ Masters have disrespected the Smackdown fans. Christian doesn’t think much of Rey’s threats because the Raw roster is in Australia right now. You can vote for Speedy Gonzalez here….or you can be interrupted by Matt Hardy, like the two of them are. Matt wants to be voted in with Rey so he can get his hands on Edge again. The fans on the internet are the people who brought him back and at Taboo Tuesday, he will show you that will not die.

Cue Hardcore Holly to say he chased Chris Masters off last week. Holly asks how many fans want to see Masters and Edge get a beating. Now it’s JBL coming out in the limo to say he should go to Taboo Tuesday. That includes a variety of insults, including saying Matt may not die, but he’ll whine and cry. Mysterio speaks Spanish, Christian has a talk show and Holly just beats people up. Smackdown isn’t Smackdown without JBL, but Christian calls him a wrestling fraud. Christian is tired of being interrupted so here’s Teddy Long for one more interruption. If they all want a chance, they can earn it in a five man free for all match.

Christian vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Matt Hardy

Joined in progress after a break with JBL being sent outside and Holly following. That leaves Christian to take some Poetry in Motion from Rey and Matt but JBL takes Matt out. JBL jumps Rey, only to get hurricanranaed out to the floor. It’s off to Matt slamming Holly and dropping an elbow for two. JBL throws Hardy to the floor though and hammers away at Holly in the corner.

The Tower of Doom pops up and it’s Christian taking the worst of it to put everyone down at once. Holly is up first with an Alabama Slam to JBL, allowing Rey to steal a near fall. Rey hits the 619 to Christian and the Clothesline From JBL blasts Holly. The Twist of Fate drops JBL but Christian takes out Hardy, only to get caught with a standing hurricanrana to give Rey the pin.

Rating: C+. They kept this fast and didn’t have any major time spent on everyone laying down. It was an entertaining and fun match, but more importantly there is still a spot available for the other four to fight over. Usually a match with someone getting a win before a fan vote tilts everything, but this only tilts half of it and that’s a nice thing to see.

Sharmell and Booker T. go into Teddy Long’s office. Post break, Teddy says a lot of fans are saying Sharmell caused Booker to win that title. Sharmell starts to erupt but Booker says hang on a second. We look at a clip of last week’s title change, plus Chris Benoit yelling at the two of them after. Sharmell doesn’t want to hear it but Booker tells her to shut up. Booker is willing to give Benoit a rematch tonight, even though Sharmell says the title is as much hers as it is his. Booker shrugs that off and says she’ll apologize tonight too.

Roddy Piper arrives and runs into Bob Orton. Bob says Piper took all the money while Bob did all the work and tonight he’s paying for it. Piper goes into a rant about man evolving from monkeys, runs into Randy Orton for some threats, and says that the next generation will be walking on all fours.

One of the new juniors thinks he’s a cop and fines Simon Dean for riding the segue around in the back. Simon makes short jokes but two more of the juniors tie a rope to the segue and make him crash.

Shortsleeve Sampson vs. Pitbull Patterson

Juniors match with Palmer Cannon on commentary. Patterson chases him around with a bucket, which winds up going on a fan, revealing a bunch of confetti (how Globetrotters of them). Sampson pulls out his own bucket and throws it at Palmer, who is soaked with water (usually the first step in the Globetrotters’ routine).

They get inside for the opening bell with Patterson tying him up in the corner. Shattered Dreams connects as Cannon talks about focus groups loving this. A top rope ax handle doesn’t even knock Sampson down and a missed dropkick hits the referee low. Sampson uses the fallen referee as a launchpad for a splash and the pin. It wasn’t funny, but I can understand trying something new, even if it’s a joke.

Post match here’s Simon Dean to go after the two of them, only to get beaten up as well.

Here are Booker T. and Sharmell for a chat. Booker didn’t know Sharmell helped him win the title and he can’t live with that. Therefore he wants to give an apology so Benoit needs to come out here. Booker offers him a rematch and Benoit accepts, but he says he doesn’t need an apology. That has to happen too, so Sharmell apologizes….for putting herself on the line for helping her husband win something for a change.

Most of all though, she apologizes for marrying someone who has no respect for her, which means a slap for Booker. Oh and she apologizes for this too, and there’s a belt shot to Benoit from Booker. Benoit gets busted open and Booker hammers away, including at Benoit’s taped up ribs. They had to turn Booker full heel like this is they were going to have Sharmell be that annoying (and she was REALLY annoying here).

Tag Team Titles: MNM vs. Mexicools vs. William Regal/Paul Burchill vs. Animal/Heidenreich

Animal and Heidenreich are defending, it’s one fall to a finish and it’s Super Crazy/Psychosis for the Mexicools. Morrison slugs away at Heidenreich to start and it’s Mercury coming in for a failed double backdrop attempt. Animal comes in and suplexes MNM on his own so Psychosis comes in to work on Morrison’s arm. Everything breaks down and we take a fast break. Back with Psychosis hitting a corkscrew dive onto MNM as the Mexicools take over.

Regal tags himself in though and hammers Crazy down to make things more physical. Burchill grabs a chinlock on Crazy, who can’t quite forearm his way out in a hurry. A jawbreaker sets up a collision though and it’s Heidenreich tagging himself in. The Boss Man Slam gets two on Burchill but here are the Dicks, who debuted a few weeks ago, to go after Animal. The distraction lets MNM hit the Snapshot on Heidenreich for the pin and the titles.

Rating: C. Another multi-man (er, team) here which kept things moving instead of wasting a bunch of time before we got to the finish. You can’t do anything here other than get in a bunch of spots before the ending so all they could do is keep the pace going here and get out before it gets dull. Animal and Heidenreich probably kept the titles too long but it wasn’t long enough that it became ridiculous. Having a team called the Dicks though….egads.

Vito and Nunzio are in Teddy’s office and Vito demands a title shot. Teddy doesn’t like that tone so it’s a handicap match with Bobby Lashley next week. Long goes to leave and runs into the Boogeyman, who says he is the entity that you will always be afraid of. He holds up the clock and says tick tock. He’s coming to get you, and Long is speechless.

We recap last week’s main event with Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy defeating Batista and Eddie Guerrero. Of note: Eddie took a shot for Batista when Batista had his back turned.

Eddie and Batista are glad to be here and Batista has a surprise for him. It’s a new low ride, because Latino Heat is back. Eddie would love to ride it out, but Batista has to come with him.

Batista/Eddie Guerrero/Roddy Piper vs. Bob Orton/Randy Orton/Mr. Kennedy

Eddie has the old theme music and rides out with Batista in the low rider. The place goes nuts for Piper though so well done on the cameo. Eddie hammers on Kennedy to start, including the slingshot hilo. Batista comes in and wants Randy so that’s exactly what he gets (never say no to someone named Dave). The spear cuts Randy down in a hurry and looks to set up the Batista Bomb but Randy gets to the floor.

Back from a break with Eddie hitting a headscissors on Randy and bringing Piper in to slug away in the corner. The power of age catches up with Piper though and Bob (in street clothes) takes over without much trouble. Bob comes in to stomp away and Kennedy follows his elder by doing the same.

The chinlock goes on, followed by Randy’s front facelock. Bob completes the set of holds with his own front facelock before going over to the corner to jump Eddie and Batista. This goes as well as you would expect and everything breaks down with Kennedy taking the frog splash. Randy is taken out and it’s the sleeper to finish Bob.

Rating: C-. Again, they kept things moving here and that is the best thing that they could have done here. The whole point was having Piper in there for the big pop from the fans and then he went in and won the match by beating Bob Orton. It was a fine way to go and nothing significant was lost so what more can you ask for?

Overall Rating: C+. I liked this quite a bit as they didn’t do anything overly long here and, other than the juniors match (which was less than three minutes), everything helped a story here or there. It was an efficient show and once we can get done with Taboo Tuesday, we can move on to Survivor Series and get some big stuff done. Not a great show, but a really easy to watch one and that’s a good result.

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