Midnight Express World Tag Title Run in 1986

Hi Scott,
while my excitement for this year's wrestlemania is probably so low it reaches the lowest °Kelvin grade, at least there's the Network to have content to watch.
While watching both Hidden Gem Great American Bashes from 1986 and your rants on them, I was wondering about one thing:
-Was there ever a point or a rhyme or reason to the Midnight Express having a World Tag Title run in 1986?
 Their big program during the summer with Baby Doll and America's Team did not exactly need the titles and as mentioned in your Greensboro rant ("… but Animal tries a splash and hits knee to finally give the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD some damn heat on the Road Warriors.") it seems silly to use the Tag Team Champions as bumbling fools against the Road Warriors.
From my naive point of view, I would have held the titles on the RNR for a while longer until that Ole Anderson injury angle was complete, then do a title change to the Minnesota Wrecking Crew in late spring/early summer and do the change back to the RNR at Starrcade 1986 since that seemed like a more World Tag Team Championship type program.
Not saying that the Midnight Express were an unworthy team to get a World Tag Title run eventually but at that point it was probably too early to put them in that position.
Only thing I can imagine is that Dusty did not want to lay his boots for that program involving Baby Doll unless he was fighting some title holders.
With kind regards and you and your family stay healthy,

Yeah I never really understood the timing either.  Really felt like they should have had a longer reign too instead of just dropping it back to the RNR and then never sniffing it again.  The Dusty theory is probably the most sensible.