Daily News Update – March 29, 2020

Hey, it’s Sunday, as my glorious weekend of sleeping in and doing nothing more strenuous than reviewing the Allied Powers DVD set continues.  Also I started binge-watching the Harley Quinn cartoon through Amazon Prime.  So get this:  In order to watch it on demand, I not only have to subscribe to Prime for $8 a month, but then subscribe to another service within Prime called Stack TV for $12.99 a month, and THEN I have to watch commercials during the fucking show!  Thankfully Stack has a 30 day trial which is getting cancelled like Wrestlemania should have been once the 30 days are up.

It’s a really great show, though.

DATELINE: Smackdown’s ratings continue to fall to record low levels along with RAW’s ratings.  So, shockingly, producing shitty live content doesn’t help make people watch.

DATELINE:  Oooo, apparently Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 launches next month!  I wonder if there’s a scenario where a pandemic forces cancellation of all your shows?

DATELINE:  Dana White still insists that UFC 249 is gonna happen.  Amazingly, even Joe Rogan isn’t crazy enough to be involved with this stupid idea.