WWF Action Zone – December 18th, 1994

December 18, 1994

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Todd Pettengill

Today, we get the rematch between 1-2-3 Kid & Aldo Montoya vs. Heavenly Bodies.


We get a video package of the first Kid & Montoya/Heavenly Bodies match which sets up today’s match.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Aldo Montoya

The announcers talk about The Bodies having more experience as Del Ray breaks cleanly in the corner with Montoya. Del Ray tries a cheap shot the second time buy Montoya blocks that and decks him as Pettengill hypes The Bodies tournament match next week against The Bushwhackers. Montoya takes Del Ray down with a headscissors then uses a super kick and the match breaks down with Kid & Montoya clearing the ring. The match settles down with Montoya & Kid working the arm of Del Ray. Prichard tags in and Kid takes him down with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Montoya tags and uses a top rope sunset flip for two. Del Ray knees Montoya in the back from the apron then Prichard hits a DDT as The Bodies now have control of the match. The Bodies cut the ring in half and use frequent tags as we head to break. The match returns with Montoya breaking up a chin lock with a jawbreaker. Prichard is able to knock Kid off of the apron to prevent a tag then puts Montoya in a reverse chin lock. Vince says its too bad that Kid & Montoya could not be part of the Tag Team Title Tournament as Montoya finally makes the tag. Kid runs wild then the match breaks down. Kid hits Del Ray with a snap suplex then follows with a missile dropkick but Prichard breaks up the tag. The match breaks down again and while the ref orders Montoya back to the apron, Del Ray clotheslines Kid then Prichard switches places and makes the cover to get the win (7:45 shown) ***. Montoya tries to console and upset Kid after the match.

Thoughts: Good match but the end just looked awful with Kid on his back for like ten seconds selling a clothesline before the ref turned around and counted the pin. And the way they shot Kid on the mat you could see him possibly turning on Montoya. Also, the ending made it seem like they would go ahead for a third match between the teams.


The hosts go over the Tag Team Title Tournament.


Smoking Gunns vs. Duane Gill & Brooklyn Brawler

Looks like we get a second exclusive tag match this week! Well, a first-run match as this and the following match would be broadcasted on next week’s “Wrestling Challenge” with different commentary. Brawler and Bart fight over a wrist lock to start. Bart works over Brawler and then the Gunns work over Gill. Billy gets right up after a flying headscissors and clotheslines Gill as Pettengill is still picking them to win the tournament. The Gunns stay in control until they put Gill away with the Sidewinder (3:04).

Thoughts: The announcers gushed over The Gunns here to put them over as a threat to win the Tournament. You’d think the Gunns were going to win it all after hearing this commentary.


We get an ad for the Royal Rumble.


The hosts now talk about the Rumble but not before Pettengill shills the WWF trading cards. They cost $2.95 plus shipping & handling.


Henry Godwinn vs. Tony Roy 

And we get another exclusive match. He brought his slop bucket to the ring with him this time. Pettengill says it looks like vegetables. Godwinn tosses Roy into the corner before scratching his back against the turnbuckle. Vince says that boxer Vinny Pazienza is here tonight as Godwinn beats down Roy. Pettengill tells us some awful jokes about Godwinn and the film “Dumb & Dumber” before Godwinn uses the Slop Drop for the win (2:01).

Thoughts: They’re trying to get over an evil pig farmer and it went as well as you would think.


Razor Ramon defeats Sonny Pruitt in a match from the 12/18 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” We also cut to Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie backstage watching on a monitor with Jarrett saying he is going to become the next Intercontinental Champion.


We get the ad for the WWF bears to help out the Make-a-Wish Foundation.


The Shawn Michaels interview from the 12/18 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” airs.


Jeff Jarrett defeats Cory Student from the 12/18 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Hakushi defeats Gary Scott from the 12/18 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” . Pazienza was on commentary here to hype his fight against Roberto Duran.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was good as this would be last episode until 1/8/95. And, if you noticed, Charlie Minn was absent. And the reason was due to him getting fired. Minn lasted roughly two months and was just terrible. It was reported by Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” around this time how Minn was on “thin ice” in the company. Meltzer also mentioned a few weeks later how Minn even contacted WCW for work after getting fired but as we saw that did not turn into anything. Minn was supposed to be a hype man geared towards kids with his spastic delivery but was just terrible and came off as obnoxious as it gets. And we would see another female talent besides Stephanie Wiand debut next week on “Wrestling Challenge.”