What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – February 11, 1995

As per usual, Lance Russell and Dave Brown call the action and they are from the WMC-TV 5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.  Brown lets fans know that Jerry Lawler is the new USWA Unified World Champion.

Highlights of Sid’s title defense against Lawler are shown, with Lawler winning due to heel miscommunication between Sid and the Spellbinder.

Russell interviews USWA Unified World Champion Lawler, who admits that he won the title from Sid in a weak way and that it feels good that Sid is no longer around the USWA.  He thanks the fans for backing him.  Big Daddy Cyrus and Big Business Brown come out.  Cyrus says he will make his presence known to everyone in the USWA, challenging Lawler for the title.  Lawler refuses to put the title on the line because Cyrus is not a top contender.  That is a curious way to lead into a match because it makes Cyrus look like a chump.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Jerry Lawler (2-1) beats Big Daddy Cyrus (w/Big Business Brown) (0-1) via disqualification when Crusher Bones interferes at 4:23:

Cyrus spends much of the bout choking and clubbing Lawler, scoring a two count with an elbow drop.  A splash misses so Lawler can pull down his straps and make a comeback.  After a flying fist drop off the second rope he covers, but Bones runs in and triggers the disqualification.  Rating:  ½*

After the match, Cyrus and Bones do a two-on-one attack until Bill Dundee and Brian Christopher make the save.

Brown interviews Dundee.  Dundee says that Christopher ruled the USWA when he and Lawler were busy in WCW and the WWF, respectively, but times have changed, and Christopher’s USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship is in jeopardy.  He also says that he has his sights on Lawler’s title.  Christopher interrupts, indicting Dundee’s short stature, a weird dig because they are about the same height.  They spar over their cars and begin fighting after Dundee slaps Christopher, forcing USWA officials to intervene.

Non-Title Match:  Brian Christopher (USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion) (7-3) pins Chris Frazier after a superkick at 1:07:

Christopher imagines that Frazier is Dundee, making quick work of him with some right hands and a superkick.

J.C. Ice appears to talk with Brown.  Since he is without Wolfie D, Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich try to do a two-on-one attack but Wolfie D, sporting an eye patch, saves his partner before any damage can be done.  Wolfie says that PG-13 will never quit in their pursuit of the USWA Tag Team Championship.

Crusher Bones (w/Big Business Brown & Big Daddy Cyrus) defeats Edric Hines after a slingshot splash in 52 seconds:

Bones looks a lot like Adam Bomb and if you want a visual of the size difference between these two just think of Bomb against Rey Mysterio, Jr.  The crowd chants for Sid as Bones knocks Hines down with blows to the back and finishes with a slingshot splash.

This week’s USWA flashback goes back to 1986 when Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka fought in a cage match.  Jarrett won with a Tombstone piledriver and a fist drop.

Scott Studd (w/Miss Texas) (6-1) beats Reggie B. Fine (w/Sweet Georgia Brown) (0-3) after a schoolboy roll up at 2:12:

Before the match, Fine tells fans that he is the real stud.  Studd defeated Fine three weeks ago and wins again, this time in fluke fashion after Fine dominates the match but gets rolled up after Texas slaps Fine.

Russell interviews Fine and Brown.  Fine calls Texas a tramp and Brown calls her a monkey, challenging Texas to another match at the Coliseum.

Brown interviews USWA Tag Team Champions Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich.  Rich calls Wolfie D “patches” and Gilbert, who has abandoned his awful red hair color, warns PG-13 that they are not messing with little boys anymore.  Gilbert tells Wolfie D that if he wants to live, he had better quit wrestling and go back to the hood.

Non-Title Match:  Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich (USWA Tag Team Champions) (4-3) wrestle Moondogs Rex & Spot (w/Miss Texas) (4-0-1) to a television time limit draw at 2:39:

Based on their win-loss records, the Moondogs are owed a title shot in the future.  A brawl breaks out before the bell and keeps going as the teams abandon conventional tags.  Things are very tame, though, with punches and chokes exchanged until the television time limit expires after less than three minutes of action.

The Last Word:  With Bill Dundee fighting with Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler is the odd man out, so it looks like he is going to be programmed against Big Business Brown’s two newcomers.  That is unlikely to set any new attendance records at the Coliseum, so the company needs to sign some better heel acts that would pose a bigger threat to Lawler’s title.  The tag team feud between PG-13 and Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert is great, though, as each team brings it every week on the mic.

Attendance grew for the Mid-South Coliseum show on February 13, with 1,500 fans attending for a $9,000 gate.  Here were the results of that card courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Moondog Spot (2-0) beat Jim Harris

-Crusher Bones (1-0) beat Moondog Rex

-Gorgeous George III (3-1) beat Chad Carlson

-Scott Studd & Miss Texas defeated Reggie B. Fine & Sweet Georgia Brown in a street fight

-USWA Tag Team Champions Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich (4-3-1) defeated PG-13 (7-4-1)

-Bill Dundee (4-1) beat USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Christopher (8-3) via disqualification after Christopher was caught with a chain to earn a USWA Unified World title shot against Jerry Lawler

-USWA Unified World Champion Jerry Lawler (3-1) beat Bill Dundee (5-1)

-Jerry Lawler & Sid Vicious beat Big Daddy Cyrus & Crusher Bones (1-0).  After the match, Spellbinder, Big Business Brown, Cyrus, and Bones beat up Lawler and Sid until Sid rallied and drove off the heels.

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