Let them stay home

Seriously, WWE and AEW need to pull the plug for now and just tell their wrestlers and workers to stay home and stay healthy. I know Vince McMahon always wants to make a buck but even from a financial perspective, I'm surprised he'd risk the health of his talent or the chance of a lawsuit if someone gets seriously ill. Now Roman Reigns is off WrestleMania and the show just looks more and more ridiculous. Just postpone it and try for a summer WrestleMania if conditions allow. 

And I love AEW – their shows have been fantastic – but I'm a little disappointed Tony Khan hasn't temporarily shut down, both to take care of his wrestlers and production crew and to keep up the company's generally good image.

Stay safe. 
Doing my best but I work for an essential service provider in a management position.  So no time off for me.  But a lot of disinfecting and uncomfortable gloves.  
AEW apparently taped a whole shitload of stuff on Wednesday so hopefully they can at least take a few weeks off now.  Everyone's playing with fire now and I think that's becoming very clear, especially with Mysterio and Dana Brooke off in quarantine now.  The regulations are getting tighter and tighter, as we saw on Dynamite, and there's just not going to be a way to even run shows past a certain point.  And that's a good thing.