The Hulkster

Good sir.   Since the Hogan dvd set did big blog numbers for you I thought maybe you’d like some Hogan related questions

1.   What’s your personal favorite Hogan match?

2.  At what point in his WWF run did Hogan stop becoming a draw?   I always thought it to be around WM 8 when he was going to “retire” after his match with Sid

3.   You correctly wrote after WM 18 that the WWE had a limited window of time to cash in on Hogan before his popularity faded away.   Looking back did they handle things right by putting the title on him right after WM?   Could they have drawn his time out more by pairing him with Edge in a tag team like they did later on that year?

4.   Is there anyone in Hogan’s career that you think he could have done big business with that he never got a chance to?   I’ve always thought Rick Rude was a good answer

1.  The Rock match is certainly the one I've watched the most times.  
2.  Late in 91.  The Flair feud was the last big hurrah for him and it died off fast.  
3.  They 100% should have kept the tag titles on him and Edge because they could have milked that formula for months.  Hogan as the hot tag guy who comes in pre-charged and hulking up was next level genius.
4.  I think Rude would have done business with Savage, but not Hogan.  It just would have been a different and fun dynamic with Hogan.  Jake the Snake is another guy who might have done business but they'd be sabotaging themselves needlessly with it.  I think Bam Bam Bigelow is the ultimate answer, because he would have been a scary heel for Hogan to slay and would have come out of it OK in the end.