Monday Night Raw – October 24, 2005

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 24, 2005
Location: Save Mart Center, Fresno, California
Attendance: 7,500
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler

Taboo Tuesday is next week and things have mostly come into focus. I’m sure there are going to be some more stipulations offered tonight and hopefully it isn’t a case of one realistic choice and two there to fill in the options. That can ruin a show which isn’t the strongest in the first place in a hurry. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week with Shawn Michaels, Kane and Big Show earning their spots on the ballot to fill out the Taboo Tuesday triple threat for the World Title. That sounds a bit complicated when you write it out.

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane vs. Big Show

Big Show has to fight both of them off at once and does so just fine with a few shoulders. Shawn chop blocks him to break up a chokeslam attempt and the double stomping is on. Kane whips Shawn hard into the corner and hits the side slam, only to get pulled outside for a clothesline. Show throws Shawn over the top and…well kind of onto Kane in a nasty looking landing as we take a break.

Back with Show powerslamming Kane for two and shrugging off Shawn’s forearm. Kane breaks up the chokeslam and pounds away on Show in the corner. A suplex doesn’t quite get Show over so he catches Kane on top without much trouble. Show superplexes Kane down so Shawn drops the elbow and superkicks Show silly.

Kane breaks that up and steals the two and with the frustration setting in, he throws in a bunch of chairs. He does keep one though and blasts Show HARD in the head with it to knock him mostly cold. With those cleaned out, Kane goes up but dives into….well the general direction of a superkick. Another Sweet Chin Music finishes Show.

Rating: C-. Shawn fighting his way through the two monsters is fine but they were missing some spots in here and it was pretty messy at times. You would expect a bit better out of these three but maybe it was a lack of chemistry or something. They’re not hiding the fact that Shawn is going to be in the triple threat and that’s the best choice of all three.

The commentators talk for a bit and Lawler asks the fans if they want to see Steve Austin beat Coach up again. After that clip, we get the options for the match stipulations between Austin and Coach:

Verbal Debate

Arm Wrestling

Street Fight

Coach gets annoyed at this because it’s not a joke. He goes to the ring to call out Austin and, after a break, here’s Austin’s truck….with Stephanie McMahon driving. Wearing an Austin hat, she throws out some beers and announces that Austin won’t be here tonight. That’s not cool with Coach, so he calls Austin out for next week too. Stephanie wishes Jim Ross well in recovery from his colon surgery and recaps the entire story. Cue Mick Foley, in a referee shirt, with Stephanie telling him to get it out of his system.

After Stephanie takes a quick jab at JR, Foley says the two of them have never seen eye to eye but he doesn’t like seeing Linda McMahon lower herself to Stephanie’s level. Stephanie says that without her family, there would be no business (that’s going to be the forward to her book isn’t it). As for Foley, he’s having a match with Carlito at Taboo Tuesday so here’s Carlito, with Stephanie hitting Foley low so the beatdown can be on. Carlito even spits the apple at him for a bonus.

Post break, Foley is getting looked at when Eric Bischoff comes in to say Foley still has to referee tonight’s main event.

Triple H vs. Viscera

HHH comes out but here’s Ric Flair to jump him from behind, which is all that makes sense here. Referees break it up and get HHH out as Flair stays in the ring. No match.

Flair grabs the mic and begs the fans to put him in a cage with HHH. They’re not exactly being subtle with the choices here.

JBL arrives. Post break, Bischoff and security cut JBL off and tell him to go back to Smackdown (He makes it sound like a place with a fixed address. Maybe he means the Smackdown Hotel?). As JBL is annoyed, Edge, Lita and Chris Masters are in the ring to make fun of him for not being able to get in. Edge announces that the two of them will be facing two Smackdown wrestlers at Taboo Tuesday. Here are the five options:

Matt Hardy (Edge: “I didn’t know they could make another match for me to beat him in!”)

Rey Mysterio (short jokes abound)

Christian (Edge: “I carried you for the first six years of your career so what’s one more match?”)

Hardcore Holly (Masters thinks Holly wants him in the shower)

JBL (Edge: “You call yourself Mr. Smackdown. Isn’t that like calling yourself Mr. Enron or Mr. Titanic?”)

JBL isn’t happy with these jokes and calls Masters to the parking lot for a Masterlock Challenge. Masters goes to the back….and JBL laughs as Rey Mysterio runs in to jump Edge and give Lita a 619. Of the options you have, you send in the smallest guy on his own? You might want a new battle plan.

Mickie James vs. Victoria

All of their friends are at ringside. Victoria grabs an early headlock takeover as Candice Michelle waves her magic wand. The leg work doesn’t go far as Mickie fights up and slugs away, only to get pulled down into a chinlock. That’s broken up in a hurry so Mickie slugs away until Torrie Wilson trips her up. Everything breaks down and Victoria gets a small package, which Trish Stratus turns over to give Mickie the pin.

Rating: D+. So you have two women who can work a match and give them that little time with all the screwiness going around? Not that it really matters in this case though as the point here was to have all of the women out there and make the fans decide which outfits to have them in at the pay per view. I would say nothing to see here, but that’s kind of missing the point.

Post match the brawl is on with Trish and company getting the better of things.

Here’s Vince McMahon for a chat. Vince doesn’t like it when the people disagree with the decisions of his family, but now everyone is complaining about him replacing JR with Coach. The fans want JR so Vince uses Bret’s “if the country needed an enema” line about Fresno. As for JR, he just had colon surgery where he had to lose a foot of his bowels. WWE’s cameras were there of course so let’s go to the tap.

We go to the “hospital” where “JR” (a black hat) is on the table as Vince McMahon (Dr. Heinie) and the nurse (Nurse Slobberknockers) are ready to deal with the situation. Hold on though as Vince needs to check his stethoscope on the nurse, complete with JR soundbytes. They move up the sheet over JR as various sound effects are heard coming from him (including the Oklahoma fight song).

Vince reaches in and pulls out a bottle of barbecue sauce (JR’s voice: “I don’t like the looks of this.”), a football, an owl, Mae Young’s other hand, a goldfish in a bag, an Oklahoma football helmet, (at this point, Vince uses a jackhammer to get everything else out), a Steve Austin cup, and finally, JR’s own head. With that done, Vince shoves JR off the table and puts the nurse on it to wrap things up. Back in the arena, Vince thinks these fans all have the same issue: their heads are up their a****.

The video itself was seven minutes long and I don’t think anything else really needs to be said. I’ll never understand Vince’s reasons for treating JR like this but this is probably the lowest point of them all. Moving on.

Rosey vs. Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch

Non-title and Hurricane is announced as being part of the match but is nowhere to be seen. Rosey knocks both of them to start and here’s Hurricane, now in regular clothes with regular hair, and called Gregory Helms, to watch from the stage. Murdoch gets in a cheap shot before heading to the apron…where Rosey tags him out of confusion. Cade shoulders Rosey down as Helms looks annoyed on the stage. High/Low (or Sweet and Sour) finishes Rosey in a hurry.

Rating: D. This was angle advancement and that’s fine, as the tag team division is now pretty much down to one team. Helms is pretty long overdue for a gimmick change as he hasn’t done anything related to the superhero stuff in months. Letting him be himself could be good for a change, though it isn’t going to matter if he isn’t given anything to do.

Smackdown Rebound.

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

Non-title with Foley as guest referee. Cena shoulders him down a few times and Angle needs an early breather on the floor. Back in and Angle grabs a headlock but Cena is right back up with a headlock. A running clothesline puts Angle on the floor again and we take a fast break.

Back with Cena being sent into the steps and Angle ripping at his face. They head back in with Angle getting all serious with the beating, as only he can. Angle chokes on the ropes for two and it’s off to the bodyscissors to keep Cena down. An overhead belly to belly gets a pair of near falls but Cena is back up with right hands. That earns him a German suplex for two more with Foley making it clear that it was this close. See he offers illustrations. It takes him up to that next level of refereeing.

The waistlock goes on to keep Cena in trouble but Cena powers up again for the double knockdown. The comeback is on but here’s Carlito to get in a fight with Foley. Carlito lays him out as Cena initiates his finishing sequence on Angle. Cue Bischoff in a referee shirt to try a fast count on Cena but Angle goes with the ankle lock instead. Bischoff grabs Cena’s hand to slap it on the mat, which counts as a tap out.

Rating: C+. These two could have a decent match in their sleep but I’m sick of this Cena vs. Bischoff stuff. It lost what little steam it had a few weeks ago and now it’s just coming off like they’re doing it because that’s all they know how to do. Couple that with Carlito being involved and this wasn’t exactly the best main event.

Overall Rating: D+. The wrestling quality wasn’t great to start this show but there was a lot of energy and I’m wanting to see some of the Taboo Tuesday matches. Then it went FLYING off the rails around the start of the second hour and had one of the most disgusting segments WWE has ever produced. The McMahons can offer a lot but they are flaming death when they have a point to make. Get rid of them and you might have something, but egads they can bring the show to a grinding halt.

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