Heel WWF Champions

Hi Scott,

Wishing you and your family well.

Read your latest Hogan DVD, of course. If the WWF was a “heel territory” where it would all be about the chase, would could you see and not see carrying the title long term during the late 80’ and early 90’s? Let’s say before the rise of Bret and dominance of Yoko. Going to guess you are down with Savage. And Flair in the WWF. How about those never champion if given a proper chance?

Jake Robert? (if no demons)

Rick Rude?

Ted Dibiase?

Who else?

Jake would be a shitty choice as champion. Just the wrong style and person for the position. 

Dibiase 100% could have carried the ball. 
Rude maybe later in career.  Definitely after 94.  
Mr. Perfect could have gotten a run.  Possibly heel Luger too given the right circumstances.  Definitely Razor Ramon.  Watching those 92 Superstars made me realize how badly they missed their chance by not pulling the trigger on him.