WWF Superstars – December 17th, 1994

December 17, 1994

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


We get a video of the Shawn Michaels and Diesel split from Survivor Series and hype for the Tag Team tournament, which starts tonight with Men on a Mission vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka


Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match: Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase

Both teams brawl immediately after the bell. Mo gets tossed outside as Bigelow now hammers away on Mabel. Tatanka is in now and chops away but gets run over soon afterwards. Mabel brushes off a pair of dropkicks then hits a clothesline. Bigelow tags in and MoM work over his arm as the announcers talk about MoM winning the belt earlier this year from The Quebecers while in Europe but losing it a few days later. Tatanka tags in now and Mo hits him with a powerslam for two. Mo works Tatanka’s arm as DiBiase is not too happy on the outside. Vince then talks about the “mental prowess” of Oscar as Lawler cracks some jokes. Mabel is in and beats on Tatanka then we go to break and return with Mo attacking the arm of Tatanka. The announcers talk more about the tournament as Tatanka fights back and tags out. Bigelow tries to go after Mabel and gets attacked then Mo works the arm with DiBiase shaking his head on the outside. Bigelow headbutts Mo then tags out but Tatanka cannot maintain control. Bigelow tries to suplex Mabel and fails but comes back and does it the second time. Both men collide and make tags after stumbling to their corners with Mabel going through the ropes. Mo runs wild on Tatanka but ducks his head and gets attacked then Tatanka hits the End of the Trail. Mabel is standing on the apron looking into the ring with the announcers trying to tell us that he was dazed then Tatanka covers with one finger and gets the win as Mabel was too late for the save (8:37 shown) *1/2. DiBiase celebrates with his men then we see a pissed off Mabel in the ring.

Thoughts: Weird story here with MoM having the upper hand the entire way until the end. And the finish looked bad with Mabel standing there like a dope and in no way looked dazed.


WWF Live Event News with Charlie Minn. More hype for the Holiday Wish Tour.


IRS w/ Ted DiBiase & The Druids vs. Phil Apollo

Before the match, IRS calls out Undertaker and says he’ll never rest in peace until he pays. Vince says that IRS vs. Undertaker will take place for the Holiday Wish Tour. IRS beats on Apollo but misses a charge and Apollo rolls him up for two. IRS stomps away then uses the abdominal stretch and soon after that the Write Off clothesline gets the win (2:01). Vince then plugs IRS vs. Lex Luger for RAW. DiBiase then looks at the finish on the video wall and calls out Luger, saying this will happen to him Monday night.

Thoughts: They pushed the IRS/Undertaker feud plus hyped up the IRS vs. Luger match for RAW.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill. We learn that Pamela Anderson from “Baywatch” will be the host. Also, we learn that Diesel vs. Bret Hart for the World Title will take place. We hear from Diesel, who says he hopes Bret is 100% and puts him over for being a competitor. Diesel then jokes about Bret wearing pink and how black with gold are men’s colors and cannot wait to see him in the ring. The promo made Diesel kind of seem like a jerk. Pettengill then tells us that there will be a new entrant every 60 seconds for this year’s Rumble match then we learn of the first ten superstars that will be in the match. They are as follows: Bob Backlund, King Kong Bundy, Dick Murdoch, Kwang, Henry Godwinn, Lex Luger, Adam Bomb, Duke Droese, Doink, and Aldo Montoya. First off, Pamela Anderson becoming the host was news since Baywatch was one of the most popular shows in the world. According to Bruce Prichard in his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, Baywatch came to them to do a spot but the WWF wanted money and Baywatch side said it would be great exposure but did not offer anything financially so they passed. However, through Anderson’s agent Ray Manzella, they worked out a deal to have her host the Royal Rumble. Another thing is the title match being babyface vs. babyface, which was still a rarity at the time. And Diesel did talk some trash and took some unnecessary shots but was presenting himself as the “cool” guy which nowadays everyone knows it means you are the face in WWE.  Well, Murdoch is certainly random in coming back after nearly 10 years. Also according to Prichard, they randomly suggest names to Vince each year and Vince picked Murdoch. Prichard also said that they wanted to have Murdoch become a player/coach of sorts but Murdoch wanted no part of being associated with the office and just wanted to hang on the road with the wrestlers. And after hearing the first ten names announced it was a good call the intervals were faster than ever as the starpower is not there at all.


Teresa Dalio is the guest ring announcer. Lawler makes fun of her for being homely.


Tony DeVito vs. Adam Bomb

Vince calls Pamela the “Baywatch Lady” as Lawler is happy we finally get a “dreamboat” in the WWF. Bomb hammers away on DeVito as the announcers are still talking about Pamela. Bomb hits a flying clothesline then puts DeVito away with the Meltdown (1:54). Vince says that Bomb is in the Rumble match and could win it all.

Thoughts: The announcers spent a majority of the match talking about Pamela Anderson while mentioning how Bomb is part of the Rumble match.


Up next is the debut of Henry Godwinn.


Henry Godwinn vs. Nick Barberri

Godwinn catches Barberri with a clothesline and follows with a scoop slam. The announcers talk about Godwinn’s hog farm and how bad it probably smells as Vince says he has a gift to give Lawler next week. Godwinn now roughs up Barberri on the mat and follows with an inverted DDT, called the “Slop Drop,” and rolls him over with his head in an attempt I guess to mimic a hog and gets the win (1:43).

Thoughts: A forgettable debut here. Cracking jokes about him smelling bad and calling his finisher the “Slop Drop” is not the sign of a heel to be taken seriously.


We get still photos of Capt. Lou Albano trying to “civilize” the New Headshrinkers by talking them to a barber shop. It ends with the Headshrinkers shaving Albano’s beard. This stuff is all terrible. I can kinda see what they were trying but it would have worked had Albano rescued them from an abusive Afa but that was never the case. It all comes off as bad, hokey comedy and turns the Headshrinkers into goofs.


Heartbreak Hotel is up next. Shawn tells us one of his “props” is missing and they can all be replaced with the exception of himself. We get some chants for Diesel and Shawn pauses until they decrease before bringing out his guest, Jeff Jarrett. The Roadie is trailing behind Jarrett. Shawn tells Jarrett its a pleasure to have him on as the Roadie gives Jarrett a copy of the “Ain’t I Great” album to give to Shawn for a gift. Shawn asks Jarrett about his guy running around as Jarrett says its his personal roadie like all great entertainers have to use. Shawn then asks Jarrett about the Intercontinental Title. Jarrett then calls out Razor Ramon for ducking and dodging him then promises he will take the title off his waist before sending him back to the gutter. And after that, Jarrett will have a gold belt to go along with a gold album and after that, WWF President Jack Tunney will have no choice other than to rename WWF the “Double J-F.” Jarrett then promises to sing and Roadie tests the mic but Jarrett said he is being told to wrap it up and Shawn wants him to save his vocal cords for Las Vegas. More hype for the Jarrett/Razor feud while officially knowing that The Roadie is the name of this new guy. Shawn did show a ton of charisma and like how he ended with the “I’m Shawn Michaels and your’e not” that he ripped off from Chevy Chase on Weekend Update. It fit in well with the HBK character.


An ad for the Royal Rumble airs.


British Bulldog vs. Charlie Hunter

Hunter is a big dude and had a Bruiser Brody-ish look. Just less physically imposing and minimal charisma. In fact, he even went by Bruiser Bradley in the Independents. Bulldog takes him over with a hip toss then a dropkick before working the arm. Hunter escapes and hammers away but ducks his head and Bulldog uses a delayed vertical suplex. The announcers now talk about Diesel vs. Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble as Bulldog applies a chin lock. Bulldog stays in control then finishes off Hunter with a running powerslam (2:28).

Thoughts: Some more Rumble talk here as Bulldog is still being pushed as an upper midcard talent in the company.


WWF Live Event News with Charlie Minn. This is his final Superstars appearance.


Back to the hosts as Vince believes we saw an upset today in MoM losing. Lawler, however, does not agree.


Next week, we Tag Team Title Tournament continues with Bushwhackers vs. Heavenly Bodies. Also in action are Hakushi, Lex Luger, King Kong Bundy, Doink, and Jeff Jarrett. Plus, an interview with Diesel and more. Show closes with Lawler telling Vince about his Christmas gift, which is a hair piece welded into a head set. And the big joke apparently is that the hair is red.


Final Thoughts: We saw Tatanka & Bigelow advance in the Tag Team Tournament but the big news was learning of the Rumble title match being Diesel vs. Bret Hart. And of course that Pamela Anderson was the host. The first ten Rumble entrants were also announced and the news of 60 second intervals will make it the quickest rumble ever. Next week we will find out more about the Rumble and see the Tag Tournament continue.