WWF Monday Night RAW – December 12th, 1994

December 12, 1994

From the Liberty Central School in Liberty, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels

The show starts off with “Saturday Night’s Main Event” style promos between Bob Backlund and Doink. I’ve praised Backlund’s promos since snapping but this one was really a self-parody. And Doink was really out of his league here. Just a bad segment.


Bob Backlund vs. Doink w/ Dink 

Doink trips up Backlund from behind to start. He then takes him down with a drop toehold in slow motion as Backlund walks around the ring holding his head. The crowd gets behind Doink as Backlund gets furious. Backlund dances around after backing Doink against the ropes and gets zero crowd reaction. Man, that was sad. Backlund now works a chin lock on the mat then Doink escapes and gets a few nearfalls before working a side headlock. Backlund cheap shots Doink then works the arm and signals for the crossface chicken wing but Doink reaches the ropes. Doink uses a sunset flip for two as we go to break then return with Backlund working the arm. Backlund works the arm for what seems like an eternity as they’ve completely lost the crowd. Vince asks Shawn about his future as Shawn assures us his future is so bright he has to wear shades and will go to the top. Vince reminds Shawn that Diesel is on top then Doink finally escapes and comes back with a terrible looking crossbody for two. Doink wins a fight over a backslide and gets two then uses a slam but whiffs on an elbow drop. Doink fights off a chicken wing attempt but Backlund floats over and locks it on. Doink tries to bite Backlund’s hand to break the hold but it does not work and Backlund gets the win (12:29 shown) -*. Backlund refuses to break the hold so Dink runs in then Backlund finally breaks and looks crazed and draws some boos as Vince tells us that Shawn might be in Backlund’s corner for upcoming title matches.

Thoughts: Good lord this was terrible. The crowd died and they worked a completely dated match style. Trying to build up Doink as a ring technician failed here because Ray Apollo was not that type of worker and these two guys just could not get on the same page as a lot of what they did looked awful. For some reason they decided to feature this match on the “Mega Matches ’95” and “Best of RAW: Seasons 1 & 2” releases.


The Tag Team Title Tournament brackets appear on the screen.


We see Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel in video game form on the new “WWF RAW” game. Vince also plugs the Coliseum Home Video “Strategies and Secrets” guide.


The Jeff Jarrett in Las Vegas vignette from this weekend airs.


Razor Ramon vs. Mark Starr

Starr has a much better look than the typical enhancement talent WWF was trotting out at this time. Razor works the arm as the hosts talk about Barbara Walters with Shawn making fun of how she talks. Razor lands hard chops in the corner then catches Starr and about to hit the fallaway slam spot but stumbles to the ropes. Starr attacks the knee as Vince says Razor hurt his knee this past weekend. Razor comes back with a clothesline then hits a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win (3:19).

Thoughts: The big thing here was this knee injury that Razor now has but like in the opener, the crowd was dead for this match. The finish got a little bit of a reaction but this crowd is not excited to see wrestling.


Todd Pettengill hosts a video package on the Make-a-Wish foundation and bears you can buy with proceeds going to the kids.


King’s Court is up next. His guest is IRS, who comes with his druids. Lawler asks IRS about professional athletes holding out for more money and charging money for autographs but worst of all, they are all tax cheat. IRS tells us that Joe DiMaggio, Reggie Jackson, and Darryl Strawberry are currently being investigated for cheating on their taxes but even still, none of them are bigger tax cheats than the Undertaker. IRS says he is not worried about the Undertaker and his friends as this ends with hype for a IRS vs. Lex Luger match for next week while stressing his friends might be some of Undertaker’s worst enemies.


A vignette for the debut of Hakushi airs.


“Portuguese Man-o-War” Aldo Montoya vs. Nick Barberry

Montoya gets some spinning fireworks display for his entrance. Montoya works a hammerlock as the announcers talk again about Montoya declining Ted DiBiase’s offer to join the Corporation. Montoya runs Barberry into the ropes then flies out with a pescado, prompting Shawn to reply “yeah, I remember when I was a kid.” We now see Harvey Whippleman at ringside as Vince wonders if he is scouting Montoya. We then learn that a rematch of last week’s Well Dunn vs. The Bushwhackers match will take place next week but this time Howard Finkel will be in The Bushwhackers corner. Montoya elbows Barberry then comes back with a flying bulldog for the win (2:38). Whippleman grabs Finkel’s mic. Whippleman threatens Finkel if he gets in his way next week and leaves after shoving him back into his chair.

Thoughts: The crowd was completely dead and this was done to push next week’s Well Dunn vs. Bushwhackers match that is revolving around a feud between the lowest level manager in the company and the longtime ring announcer. No wonder the crowd didn’t care.


Clips of the 100th episode of “Mania” with Pettengill receiving a new co-host from Santa, which was Stephanie Wiand. So, in consecutive years, Santa gave the WWF Dink and Wiand as gifts. I guess Santa hated the WWF and gave them the human version of coal?


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Bob Knight

Bundy beats down Knight as Shawn jokes about Roseanne Arnold taking Demi Moore’s place in the film “Disclosure.” Bundy stays in control as Shawn cracks jokes then we see Knight roll outside as Bundy climbed the ropes. Bundy tosses Knight back inside and beats down Knight in methodical fashion before the avalanche gets the win as the ref did not give him the five count (4:09).

Thoughts: Another snoozer as Bundy is not over with any crowd at the moment, not just this one.


We see Santa come down the aisle. Shawn begs for a gift and gets a replica WWF Women’s Championship belt as he now rummages through the bag to find another gift.


Final Thoughts: First off, this venue was just sad. It was at a high school athletic complex and featured one of the least excited crowds you can get. Then again, tough to blame then as the opening match was the drizzling shits and everything else was dull at best. Nothing here was interesting besides Shawn being amusing on commentary. Next week’s show does not seem a whole lot better either as the times remain tough in the WWF.