Some aew questions

1) mox was hot and over and great match to win the title and since then he wrestled once and has since videoed it in as opposed to show up. Seems the inner circle – elite is main angle and Mox is on the sideline. Mistake to take the title of Jericho ? 

2) cody, in the past , has said ,” there’s no “invisible wall” like in the other company” during interviews to say why he wouldn’t go fight a person during an interview. Yet this pat week cody and the elite stood in the ring like idiots while Jericho rambles on and Sammy hits on Cody’s wife , with Cody standing 10 ft away? Wtf. Makes cody seem like a bitch. Dude is hitting on his wife and he just stands there? 
Yeah man, crowds are WAY down lately.  Obviously it was a huge mistake.