Daily News Update – March 22, 2020

Man, my Facebook is jammed with people complaining about being stuck in the house for days on end with nothing to do.  Meanwhile I’m still working 40 hours a week with even less time on my hands now.  Anyway, my wife and child left the city to escape the madness for a few days, so I watched the new Terminator movie on Friday night and The Irishman on Saturday, and one of them was definitely much better than the other.

DATELINE:  Vince’s “Wrestling Mania” show will be taped over the next few days and then presented in whatever form it takes over two days a couple of weeks from now.  So please, no spoilers if you’re in the crowd.

DATELINE: Smackdown remained steady in the ratings thanks to the (literal) captive audience for the show.  I’m getting really worried for Live PD at this point.  Can they keep producing the show?  Is it just gonna be about the police going to taze people who are violating quarantine?

DATELINE:  Showing that at least SOMEONE is a little bit in on the joke, WWE produced an “I Wasn’t There” shirt for Wrestlemania.

Luckily, I do in fact finally have a day off work today, and with no family around I can get some wrestling watched.  Will I complete the Flair-Steamboat trilogy with WrestleWar 89?  Finally check out the second day of Wrestle Kingdom?  Check out the NWA 70 PPV that people were talking about?  Or just say “fuck it” and review a quick episode of Mid-South and then watch old westerns all afternoon?  I just picked up “High Plains Drifter” and “A Fistful of Dynamite” in a 2/$10 Blu Ray bin before the world went crazy and all the stores shut down.  So the possibilities are endless.