Re-running the Brawl For All in Fire Pro

Hey Scott, it’s Phil, the guy who did the current Blog ‘o Doom banner.

These are strange times, so I’m making them even more strange. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to be streaming and doing live commentary over a complete re-run of the Brawl For All, simulated inside of Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC. The BoD might enjoy it.

Well that's certainly a thing.  Part of me wants to try streaming No Mercy while I run through championship mode for the millionth time but I don't have a capture device hooked up to my computer.  Plus then you'd just hear me swearing at goddamn Cactus Jack and the cheap AI in the Hardcore title match at WM2000.  STOP FUCKING REVERSING EVERY MOVE I DO MOTHERFUCKER.  
While now you've got me all worked up now.  Thanks a lot.