Monday Night Raw – October 17, 2005

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 17, 2005
Location: Arco Arena, Sacramento, California
Attendance: 4,500
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler

The big story coming out of last week saw Jim Ross being fired by the McMahons, with Linda actually getting the big moment for a change. That probably means a lot of McMahon gloating tonight, which is almost always the case. Kane is also back tonight and we’re coming up on Taboo Tuesday in two weeks. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Ross being fired. I’m rather nervous of that being the top story on the show at the moment.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Vince McMahon to get things going. He explains the idea of Taboo Tuesday before talking about how little power the fans had last week. They had to watch Jim Ross get fired and there wasn’t a thing they could do about it. Vince talks about how great it was for Linda to kick JR low and fire him, but that brings us to everything else going on here tonight.

There is a rumor that Steve Austin is on his way here tonight but until then, it’s time to celebrate JR. That means a highlight package, featuring every time that JR has been beaten or humiliated over the years, because that happens a lot for some reason. Vince brings out Coach to be the lead commentator so of course he’s in a black hat.

In the back, Kurt Angle asks Vince to be the new #1 contender. Cue Hurricane to ask what was up with the whole JR thing. Vince: “SICK HIM KURT! SICK HIM!” Angle beats Hurricane into the arena and puts on the ankle lock for a good while until referees make the save.

Kane is back tonight.

Jerry Lawler comes out to join commentary.

Vince talks to Eric Bischoff in the back about empowering the audience, so Eric has an idea: qualifying matches with the winners getting to be options to be the third man in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship, also involving John Cena and Kurt Angle.

WWE Championship Qualifying Match: Edge vs. Big Show

Show shoves him to the floor with ease to start and Edge’s waistlock goes just as well. Another toss over the top makes it even worse and we take a break. Back with Edge getting chopped in the corner but a shot to the ribs gives him a breather. Show shrugs off a dropkick but Lita’s distraction lets Edge get in a tornado DDT. Edge’s armbar is countered into a suplex and they’re both down for a bit.

The chokeslam and Edgecution are both countered so Show grabs the throat again, only to have Edge shove the referee. For some reason that makes Show let go, allowing Edge to hit the spear. Coach: “GORE! GORE! GORE!” Lawler: “Spear.” Lawler: “SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!” Edge tries to grab the briefcase but JBL’s music hits, allowing Show to nail the chokeslam for the win.

Rating: D+. I don’t usually like Edge relying on nothing but the briefcase but would anyone really buy Edge spearing Show for a pin? The JBL stuff seems like they have a plan for Survivor Series and that could be an interesting way to go. It’s not like a lot of their individual brand feuds offer all that much these days.

Wrestlemania tickets are on sale.

Edge and Lita tell Bischoff to tune into Smackdown to see what they’re going to do about this.

It’s time for Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito is ready to face Shawn Michaels tonight but for now, here’s his guest: Mick Foley. Mick is glad to be in a ring with someone whose hair is actually worse than his. That brings him to last week, where the sole voice of reason in the McMahon Family fired Jim Ross, who is the best announcer this company has ever had.

Linda pops up on screen to say fans have not been happy with what happened to JR. It’s true that he goes in for colon surgery tomorrow and allegedly, Linda’s kick may have made it worse. That being said, if JR claims anything against them, they’ll sue him into the ground. Have a nice day.

Carlito says JR was a fat, out of shape loser, just like Foley. Mick agrees that he isn’t cool and doesn’t go to cool places, except for right here in Sacramento, California. The difference is that fans meet him and then think he’s cool, but fans meet Carlito and think he’s a horse’s a**. Carlito loads up the apple but Foley says Carlito should be worried about getting beaten up by Shawn Michaels tonight. Have a nice day.

WWE Championship Qualifying Match: Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels

Carlito, still in the arena, jumps Michaels during his entrance and the beating is on in a hurry. A whip into the corner and some shots to the ribs give Carlito two, followed by an elbow to the jaw for the same. Shawn’s comeback is cut off with a hard whip into the corner and the chinlock is on in a hurry. Back up and a clothesline puts Shawn on the floor, followed by a knee to the ribs to cut him off again.

Shawn rolls through a high crossbody for two though and we hit the sleeper on Carlito. That’s broken up again and Carlito hits a dropkick in the corner to bang up the ribs. The abdominal stretch goes on but Shawn fights out and suplexes Carlito over the top, albeit with Shawn almost landing on him as we take a break.

Back with Carlito hitting his own suplex for two, only to have Shawn fight up for the chop off. A missed charge in the corner has Carlito in more trouble and it’s the flying forearm into the nipup. The top rope elbow connects but the superkick is countered into a rollup for two. The ref gets bumped though, allowing Carlito’s chair shot to hit the post. Sweet Chin Music into the chair into Carlito’s head is good for the pin.

Rating: B-. I’m not sure how much reason there was to believe that Carlito had a chance here so the ending wasn’t exactly in doubt but as usual, Shawn was able to get a good match out of him. What matters here is they built up a little drama, even if Carlito is hardly a challenger for the World Title, especially against John Cena, which we’ve seen multiple time snow.

As Shawn leaves, Ric Flair comes to the ring. Back from a break and Flair is in the middle of talking about HHH’s praise last week. HHH’s attack has lit a fire under Flair like he hasn’t had in years. He carried the brass ring for twenty years and he was the best wrestler in the world because of it. Now HHH has that ring but Flair questions it. There goes the jacket and there goes the elbow as Flair is fired up.

Back in 1975, Flair was in a plane crash and broke his back, but he was a champion six months later. One day in West Virginia, lightning hit his umbrella and killed a man standing three feet from him. Flair rips the bandage off his head and hits the cut, causing him to GUSH blood. He has taken HHH’s two best sledgehammer shots and he’s still standing, so get out here right now HHH.

Cue HHH so Flair pulls out a baseball bat and HHH runs off. A camera finds Flair in the back but he tells it to get out of his face and throws the bat down. This was very good, not just for the blood, but also because Flair sounded like he believed every word he said. Flair came off as a man who wants revenge and is willing to go to any length to get it, which is a dangerous combination.

Carlito wants Foley in a match at Taboo Tuesday.

Victoria/Torrie Wilson/Candice Michelle vs. Trish Stratus/Ashley Massaro/Mickie James

Trish and Victoria start things off but Victoria wants Mickie instead. She gets punched in the face for her efforts and now it’s Mickie coming in with a top rope Thesz press. Mickie takes Candice and Torrie off the apron but Victoria gets in a cheap shot. That earns Victoria a kick to the face…but Mickie looks at Trish and gets rolled up for the pin.

Post match Mickie points at Trish and hits Stratusfaction on Victoria. That could be interesting.

Steve Austin arrives in the parking lot and drives his truck all the way into the arena, scaring the women half to death. Back from a break and Austin says he is having to stay calm so he can get his point across. Austin has been here for ten years and there have been some good and bad times. Jim Ross is the only man who has been here for him the entire time and now he’s seeing JR being treated like garbage. Get out here Vince, because there is business to address.

Instead it’s Stephanie McMahon (Coach: “She is the hottest Diva in history.”) but Austin wants to know what is up with the McMahons talking about their balls. Even Stephanie talks about hers so maybe Austin is about to Stun his first transvestite. Two weeks ago, Austin Stunned the McMahons and now JR is gone. JR had nothing to do with what Austin did so he threatens to spank Stephanie (Austin: “I’ve got to be careful because I don’t want your balls to fall out.”).

This time Coach stands up to defend Stephanie’s honor though and tells Austin to run out of here like a scalded dog. Austin was going to beat Coach up anyway so he might as well do it now. Stephanie calls him off and has a proposition for him. Austin: “I think I’ve got a twenty on me.” She offers him a match against Coach at Taboo Tuesday with JR’s job on the line. Austin will drink to that and Coach is panicking. Beer is consumed but Stephanie says if Austin loses to Coach, he’s fired. Austin gets that and flips her off before heading to commentary to break Coach’s glasses. The hat is taken off too and Austin pours a beer inside, while saying he thinks Lawler is one of the best of all time. Austin was fired up here and it felt like the classic version at times.

Smackdown Rebound.

Before the main event, here’s Bischoff to announce Flair vs. HHH, Foley vs. Carlito and the Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal for Taboo Tuesday. For now though, we need a third option to join the triple threat and this man will be in the following battle royal. Cue….well actually John Cena because he wants to watch the match and do commentary. With that out of the way, cue the returning Kane and we’re ready to go.

WWE Title Qualifying Match: Battle Royal

Edge, Kerwin White, Chris Masters, Snitsky, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Tyson Tomko, Kane, Rosey, Eugene, Viscera, Rob Conway, Val Venis, Tajiri, Antonio Thomas, Romeo Roselli

I think that’s everyone. Carlito gets chokeslammed at the bell and he’s out in a hurry. Viscera is out as well and we take a fast break. Back with a few eliminations having taken place, including Snitsky, Tajiri and Edge (that’s a surprise). Rosey is tossed but Eugene pulls out Conway. Kane gets rid of Cade and Murdoch, Shelton gets rid of White and Kane gets rid of Shelton to clear out a lot of space in a hurry. Venis is out as well, followed by Thomas and Roselli. We’re down to Kane vs. Masters, with Kane getting powerslammed in a hurry. The Masterlock can’t go on so Kane backdrops Masters out for the win.

Rating: D. Now that was a fast one. They didn’t waste a bit of time here and they got to the (pretty) obvious finish in a hurry. I’ll certainly take that over some long and drawn out deal where Masters or Carlito were threats. Edge being eliminated so early was a surprise but at least he had already had a match earlier in the night to wear him down a bit. I can always appreciated not wasting time and that was the case here.

Overall Rating: C+. I can always go for a show that has a point to it and that was the case here. They were locked in on Taboo Tuesday and there were some good promos and segments to make me want to see the show. Austin and Flair were both fired up here and we have some good options to join the triple threat match. The wrestling wasn’t the greatest here, but the overall presentation worked well and I want to see where a lot of this goes in the coming weeks.

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