Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #360– 18/03/2000

Hello You!

Last week we looked at Living Dangerously 2000 (Review HERE) and it was a pretty underwhelming event that at least left us with a brand new ECW TV Champ in the form of Super Crazy. Crazy needed perhaps a bit too much help from Rob Van Dam to achieve it, but it’s still a major Title for someone new near the top of the card, so that’s something.

Normally these post pay per view editions of the show tend to be more about recaps instead of anything new, but hopefully there’s something worth watching on it.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from various locations

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with clips of Rhino taking out Little Spike Dudley by giving him a GORE through a table and wrecking his already injured leg. We then cut to clips of him destroying Jazz. We then get clips of Rhino delivering a GORE to Paul Heyman, which leads to The Sandman coming down to the ring. Sandman ends up getting beaten down by The Network, until Super Crazy steps up as a top guy by running down to rescue him. Next up we get Rhino giving Crazy a GORE through a locker. We then get clips of Rhino giving Sandman’s wife Lori a GORE through a table at Living Dangerously. It’s clear that they were going for a repeat of Taz’s “Path of Rage” here, but with Rhino doing the destruction instead.

Show Intro, but it’s interspersed with clips from Living Dangerously instead, so we don’t get a tagline. Could it be that maybe the era of taglines is over? #SadFace if so


Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he continues to talk up Rhino destroying everyone. Heck, you can tell they were really trying to make a star here can’t you? We get clips from the TNN show, where New Jack is taking on Corino, but Rhino comes down and attacks The Original Gangsta to help Corino pick up the win. This must have clearly been taped prior to Living Dangerously considering that New Jack nearly died on the pay per view and should be in no condition to perform here.


Joey notes that Elektra turned on Danny Doring and Roadkill at Living Dangerously, and we get another look at Elektra’s horrendous promo from that show. I mean, seriously, it’s a contender for worst promo in the history of wrestling. The jist of why she turned is that she’s known Paul Heyman for year’s but he didn’t help her previously when he could have, so she’s alligned herself with Lou E. Dangerously just to spite him. Danny Doring and Roadkill reply, where Doring insults Elektra’s looks, implying that she’s old, and says he’s had better girls before and he’ll have them in the future. Well, I think I need a shower now following that last 5 minutes or so of television. Everyone involved in it was thoroughly unlikeable. Sinister Minister tries to save it somewhat by cackling madly at the end.


We get some clips of The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm taking on Jado and Scott Keith’s favourite Japanese wrestler of all-time, Gedo. The clips they show are very exciting, as both teams trade near falls and The Impact Players eventually pick up the win with a spiked piledriver. Good stuff, worth a watch of the full match over on the TNN show I think.


Credible and Storm do a backstage promo with Jason and Dawn Marie, where they say they aren’t going to lose the tag belts again, which was technically true but we’ll get to why in a few weeks.

Opening Match
Little Guido w/ Big Sal Vs Super Crazy

We’re in Asbury Park for this one. This has been exclusively taped for Hardcore TV apparently. Don’t we all feel special? To say these two have reasonable experience of facing one another would perhaps be like saying that the Atlantic Ocean can sometimes get a bit chilly. It’s good fast paced back and forth action to start. Eventually Sal tries to get involved, but Crazy dodges his attack and then sends both heels into the front row for a dive off the guardrail.

Crazy adds a moonsault off the rail onto Guido for good measure before putting his Italian foe into the ring for some Spanish 10 punches, but Guido powerbombs him to counter and then gets the Sicilian Slice off the second rope for two. Guido continues to work Crazy over, and calls for Sal to come in so that he can jump off his shoulders with a big elbow drop for two. That looked awesome, mainly Because Sal is actually bigger than the top rope so the move was even more impressive. Crazy keeps coming though and gets a low blow to block The Tomikaze before getting a powerbomb for the win.

RATING: **3/4

Fun TV action there, although I feel like these guys could do even better if they were given a bit more time to have a normal match. The past couple they’ve had have all felt pretty rushed.

Joey hypes that Super Crazy will defend his newly won TV Title next week on TNN, before sending us to Masato Tanaka Vs Mike Awesome.

Main Event
ECW World Title
Champ: Mike Awesome w/ Judge Jeff Jones Vs Masato Tanaka

If they taped this in advance then it’s some decent foresight as Tanaka pinned Awesome at Living Dangerously in a tag match to logically set this one up. This also looks to be from Asbury Park. We get Joel Gertner doing colour here, being that it’s the TNN show and all.

We start out with an immediate chair duel, which makes sense seeing as these two men have had so many matches at this stage that you need to do something to mix it up a bit. Thus both men take sickening unprotected chair shots to head, with Tanaka getting the last laugh before getting a lovely powerslam and a dropkick to send Awesome outside for a big cross body from the top rope. So yeah, Masato Tanaka is absolutely brilliant, hot take I know. Awesome drops him on the guardrail though as we take a break.


Back from the ads, Tanaka gets a Tornado DDT back inside and follows with a missile dropkick, but Awesome soon regains control with some big high impact moves, targetting the mid-section especially. Awesome gets frustrated at not being able to put Tanaka away, so he demands that Jones put a table into the ring so he can finish him off once and for all. Tanaka tries fighting back, but Awesome gives him an Alabamma Slam through the table, but the resulting cover only gets the Champ two.

Awesome keeps coming with a running powerbomb, but Tanaka kicks out once again, so we get yet ANOTHER table in as Awesome continues to try and find a way to put Tanaka down for three. Awesome tries to splash Tanaka through the table, but Tanaka recovers before he can do it and fights him on the top rope before bringing him down with a big superplex through the table for an “EC-Dub” chant from the crowd. Amazingly Awesome kicks out of that, and Tanaka makes a comeback whilst still selling his mid-section before getting the Roaring Elbow. Jones is distracting the ref however, which allows Raven to sneak in with an Evenflow DDT to both Tanaka and the ref for an apparent no contest.

RATING: **1/2

I hate when ECW does stupid non-finishes like this, as one of their biggest selling points when put up against both WCW and the WWF was that you could at least be expected to get a pin fall or submission, no matter how many people ran down or how much shenanigans took part in the match itself. The match was a decent abbreviated version of Awesome/Tanaka, but the finish left a really sour taste in the mouth.

Tanaka gets powerbombed through a table post-match, leading to the FMW guys running down to check on him, whilst Tommy Dreamer’s attempt at making the save leads to him getting creamed as well.

In Conclusion

It wasn’t a bad watch this week, with some good clips and two decent matches as well, although I’m not sure how much mileage they are going to get out of Raven/Awesome Vs Dreamer/Tanaka as the top feud though, so they need Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn to come back and also keep Rhino strong so that Awesome has some fresh challengers to battle.