Wrestlemania 36 using Wrestlemania 2’s multi-city format

It might be a little late, but if it gets cancelled in Tampa, what about having Wrestlemania 36 in multiple cities like Wrestlemania 2?

You can do them in smaller venues which can get around limits that cities might impose and it reduces risk. Also, they can still sell the same amount of merch if
the total seats are the same as one big arena.

I know when I've gone to live events, I spent a portion of the time just watching the screen since its bigger anyways. You could have big screens for the people in the arenas to watch the other cities matches.

I'm not saying this is the greatest answer, but it might be a decent enough workaround if it gets cancelled.

I can guarantee what you're describing would be so much of a logistical nightmare that there's no chance of it happening.  They'd just postpone the show.