Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #359 – 11/03/2000

Hello You!

Last week’s show featured Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka winning the ECW Tag Titles, but since then a shedload of other stuff has happened and this week ECW has to cram as much into the show as they can in order to try and sell the Living Dangerously pay per view. It seems like they won’t have enough time to do it justice, but maybe they’ll surprise us?

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from The Arena in Philly

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with Little Guido and Big Sal teaming up on Kid Kash. Jazz evens the odds by giving Sal a low blow, only for Guido to take her out with a dropkick and then put Kash away with a Fujiwara arm bar to advance to the semi finals of the ECW TV Title Tournament

We get clips of Rob Van Dam coming down to the ring to forfeit the ECW TV Title to Cyrus due to his broken leg. He is carried down to the ring by the artist formerly known as Scotty Rigs from WCW, now going by the name Scotty Anton.

Show Intro: This week’s tagline is “Tonight, The Rumours Are True, We’re At The ECW Arena!”

Back in the ring, Cyrus says that he’s going to cancel the ECW on TNN show unless RVD agrees to hand over the TV Title. Considering how much the fans were hating TNN at this stage then that should really be a babyface move in all honesty. RVD actually cuts a very good promo about how he’s turned down offers from other companies because he believes in ECW, but he eventually relents and hands the Title over. And that’s it for RVD’s 23 month Title reign, possibly the best secondary Title reign either. Bill Alfonso and Cyrus tease fighting, but Rhino comes down to deliver a GORE to Fonzie to put a stop that. Cyrus declares that the TV Title is on, and that leads to Little Spike Dudley coming down to take on Rhino.

Opening Match
ECW TV Title Quarter Final
Rhino Vs Little Spike Dudley

Spike gets some roll ups in the early going, but can’t keep Rhino down, so we head outside for some brawling. Sadly the match then cuts to Rhino flinging Spike off the stage through some tables. That’s annoying, I was hoping we’d get the match in full. Now I can’t really give it a fair star rating because a big chunk got cut out of it.

Anyway, we cut again to Spike getting the Acid Drop back inside the ring, but Steve Corino breaks up the pin, which leads to Spike taking out both him and jack Victory (HIGH SPOT!) but the distraction allows Rhino to GORE Spike through a table in the corner, injuring Spike’s knee in the process. I think in truth Spike’s knee had been bad ever since his matches with Mike Awesome, so this was done to give a storyline reason to write him. Rhino drops him with a piledriver and that’s enough to advance.


Sadly there was too much of this missing for me to rate it. The action we did see was fine.

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he hypes up the Living Dangerously card

ECW TV Title Semi Final
Little Guido Vs Super Crazy/CW Anderson

ECW TV Title Semi Final
Rhino Vs The Sandman/Tajiri

ECW TV Title Final
Winner of SF1 Vs Winner of SF2

Bullrope Match
Steve Corino Vs Dusty Rhodes

The Impact Players of Lance Storm and Justin Credible Vs Masato Tanaka and Tommy Dreamer Vs Raven and Mike Awesome

Dusty Rhodes cuts a promo from his ranch in Florida, where he says he’s forgotten more about making money than Cyrus will ever know, but does concede that Cyrus knows how to kiss arse better than he does. Dusty says he’s not in ECW to “get over”, but to teach Steve Corino some respect and that at Living Dangerously he will stain his cowbell with Corino’s blood. This was a good promo, shocking I know. Dusty teases fighting with Rhino once his battle with Corino is done.


Match Two
ECW TV Title Quarter Final
CW Anderson w/ Beautiful Billy and Lou E. Dangerously Vs Super Crazy

These two had a wild match last week that sadly suffered from the usual Hardcore TV editing, so hopefully we get a good match here and actually get to see most of the match in it’s entirety. Crazy is hugely over with the Arena crowd, as they seem to have totally bought into the idea of him getting elevated.

The heels attack Crazy two on one to start, but he delivers a double DDT to them and then puts both of them into the crowd before following with a big Asai moonsault for an “EC-Dub” chant. And I should say so! Lou E tries to distract Crazy, but Crazy is still able to knock a chair into CW’s head as we take a break.


Back from the ads, a bloody CW blocks a rana and powerbombs Crazy through a table. I’m not sure how long the table has been in the ring, so we’ve probably missed a good chunk of the match again. At least they returned with Crazy on top and came back with the move to cut him off rather than just having him already cut off.

Lou E hits Crazy with his mobile phone, which causes Crazy to do a gory bladejob. CW works over Crazy for a bit, as we take another break.


We come back with Lou E inexplicably in the ring getting put through a table by Crazy. Holy crap, whoever is editing this show together needs to understand story structure a bit better. You can’t just take a break and then come back with the entire match situation completely different like that. At least in places like AEW and WWE when they take a break and then come back with the situations changed, they’ll at least show you a picture in picture or something to update you on why the wrestler getting beaten up before the break is now in control.

CW manages to catch Crazy with a spine buster following Crazy putting Lou E through the table, but Crazy is able to kick out at two for a good pop from the crowd, who are digging the match. CW and Billy set a table up outside and CW tries to put Crazy through it, but Crazy fights him off and then rana’s him off the second rope through the table at ringside before getting a moonsault back in to advance.


Again, not enough of the match was left intact for me to review it fairly, but the end result at least made Crazy look like a big star, which is what you need when it’s likely that he’ll probably beat Guido at Living Dangerously and will then have to match up with one of either Sandman, Tajiri or Rhino.

We get clips from ECW on TNN, where Raven and Mike Awesome defeat Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka to win the ECW Tag Titles. Awesome powerbombs Dreamer through a table, which allows Raven to make the winning pin fall.


Balls Mahoney and New Jack are teaming up to take on Da Baldies. New Jack splashes Vic Grimes through a table and we cut to Joey hyping up that it’s Balls Mahoney Vs Kintaro Kanemura at Living Dangerously.

Main Event
ECW TV Title Quarter Final
The Sandman Vs Yoshihiro Tajiri w/ Steve Corino and Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT!)

We join this with Sandman putting Tajiri through a table with a top rope senton splash, which gets him a two count. Tajiri fires back with some of his stinging kicks to the head before hanging Sandman in the Tree of Woe and baseball sliding him in the face. Tajiri sets The Sandman up on another table and double stomps him through it, but Sandman is able to kick out. Sorry, that’s Tajiri’s MDK finisher, no one should be kicking out of it, not even insane hardcore guys like Sandman. Sandman gets a rana from the top rope, which brings in Corino and Victory for the attack. Sandman fights both of them off, but this brings Rhino down to attack him. Heel miscommunication sees Tajiri spit green mist in Rhino’s face however, which leads to Rhino accidentally GOREing Tajiri through a table in the corner to give Sandman the win.


This was kind of a waste of Tajiri but the finish protected him somewhat as it took Rhino accidentally taking him out for Sandman to be able to sneak the win.

Sandman celebrates with Steve Corino’s hat post-match

In Conclusion

Well, Living Dangerously has sure been thrown together hasn’t it? To recap, the card is as follows

ECW TV Title Tournament Semi Finals
Super Crazy Vs Little Guido
Rhino Vs Sandman

ECW TV Title Final
Crazy/Guido Vs Rhino/Sandman

ECW Tag Team Titles
Champs: Raven and Mike Awesome Vs The Impact Players of Lance Storm and Justin Credible Vs Masato Tanaka and Tommy Dreamer

Balls Mahoney Vs Kintaro Kanemura

Bullrope Match
Dusty Rhodes Vs Steve Corino

I must say, the lack of a World Title match hurts the show a little bit. I get that Awesome is in the Tag Title match, but this show feels like it’s lacking a real marquee main event level match, which an ECW Title match might have provided

This show was total overkill, they tried to cram way too much in an hour show to the point that it got to sensory overload. With some actual foresight they could have spread the tournament matches out over a couple of shows so that they wouldn’t all need to be chopped up like they were here. The show was certainly newsworthy, but I didn’t especially enjoy watching it.

Tomorrow is Living Dangerously 2000, so I hope you’ll all join me for it!