WWF Wrestling Challenge – November 27th, 1994

November 27, 1994

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase


Owen Hart vs. Jason Ahrndt

Gorilla is disgusted over Owen’s actions. DiBiase then talks about his unlimited supply of money and how he had a deal set with Bob Backlund but it didnt get worked out as Gorilla says that Diesel is now champion after beating Backlund last night at Madison Square Garden. DiBiase says that Shawn Michaels should have gotten the title shot as Owen works the arm then says if Diesel agrees to be with The Corporation he’ll be champion for a very long time. Ahrndt fights back but Owen catches him with a spinning heel kick then puts on the Sharpshooter for the win (2:28).

Thoughts: They first break the news here of Diesel becoming champion at MSG. They also talked about Owen’s actions costing his brother Bret the title at Survivor Series and embarrassing his parents in the process.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill. We go over some of the results and Pettengill says that Diesel beat Backlund for the title at MSG in less than 45 seconds. Weird, the actual time was ten seconds and that sounds more impressive. Maybe they wanted to protect Backlund but why since Diesel was getting the super push. We now hear from Backlund as the camera is looking up at him. Backlund screams at Diesel and says he does not deserve the championship and is “despicable.” Backlund said instead of shaking hands to say the best man has won, he jumped him and attacked like an animal. Backlund says Diesel should be locked in a cage and does not deserve to represent the people. Backlund then calls out Diesel adding to the “decay” of the world and promises he will reign again as he screams like an absolute lunatic. Again, Backlund was amazing in this role as the old man who snapped. Diesel then says hi to Backlund as the World Champion. Diesel says he has not added to any decay and that Backlund’s teeth are decaying. Good lord what an awful line. Diesel then calls himself a “genetic wonder” who is even more articulate than Backlund. Diesel then brags about taking the title in seconds and can do it again then adds that he will be champion for as long as he wants. Diesel also tells Backlund to come find him as he is easy to find. Much like on “Superstars,” the Diesel promo here as a face just as dorky and dated. This style of promo was something like they would give Roman Reigns in late 2014. They got him over with the MSG crowd but these first two face promos on TV are lacking to say the least.


Adam Bomb vs. Black Phantom

Phantom has a new mask and less generic look. The announcers talk about Diesel as DiBiase continues to hint about offering Diesel a spot in The Corporation. Phantom fires away but gets taken over with a hip toss. Bomb scoops up Phantom for a slam as DiBiase now goes back to saying that Shawn was robbed and deserved the title match. Phantom chokes out Bomb after a neck snap but Bomb fights back. Bomb hits a few clotheslines as DiBiase says that Shawn is livid now that he lost out on two titles as Bomb puts Phantom away with the Atom Smasher (2:59).

Thoughts: Lots of talk about Shawn here as it’s getting clear that Shawn vs. Diesel is going to be the next title program. Bomb’s feud with Bigelow appears to have fallen by the wayside.


We have still photos of Bull Nakano defeating Alundra Blayze for the WWF Women’s Title at the Egg Dome in Tokyo, Japan. We then hear from Nakano & Luna Vachon as Luna says Nakano is the best woman and the champion. This promo was nothing and Luna was just about gone from the company at this point anyway.


Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Gary Sabaugh & Mike Khoury

Gorilla says he doesn’t think we will see Yokozuna anytime soon and delivered it in a way you might have thought he left the company. Sabaugh tags put after landing a few shots but Well Dunn works over Khoury. The announcers talk about Chuck Norris at the Survivor Series then about the vacated Tag Team Titles. Well Dunn continues to beat on Khoury as Gorilla marvels over Diesel’s appearance at Survivor Series while DiBiase says Shawn deserves credit for directing things on the apron and compares him to a general. Gorilla now plugs the Survivor Series encore PPV airing as this match is still going on for some reason. Khory catches Dunn with a boot in the corner but whiffs on a clothesline and gets dumped on his head with a German suplex. Khoury looks out of it as he gets put away with an Irish whip/hot shot combo (4:48).

Thoughts: There was no need for this match to go this long but they had the announcers talk about a lot of stuff going on in the company as they still focus on Shawn and Diesel with the idea that Shawn was the one who has been coaching him up the whole time.


Live Event News with Charlie Minn. He talks about RAW tomorrow night then another house show (Superstars tapings) the following night both in Poughkeepsie, NY. Minn then talks about the Survivor Series and Diesel becoming champion.


We now have Lauren Thierry of the “American Journal” as the guest ring announcer. She introduces Razor Ramon as the “International Champion” as Gorilla corrects her on commentary. DiBiase then says she’s blonde, meaning she’s not very smart as Gorilla tells him to stop.


Razor Ramon vs. J.S. Storm

Razor beats on Storm as the announcers talk about the Survivor Series. We see Thierry sitting ringside gushing over Razor as Razor now hits a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win (2:00). Razor kisses Thierry’s hand after the match and she is all smiles.

Thoughts: I have no idea if this led to a feature on WWF by Thierry but I assume that was the case because otherwise it was odd to have all these segments with Razor and herself.


We get the Henry Godwinn vignette from “Superstars.”


Jeff Jarrett vs. John Crystal

Jarrett taunts the crowd then attacks Crystal from behind. Jarrett catches Crystal with a clothesline but Crystal comes back with a few pin attempts. Jarrett ducks a crossbody attempt as the announcers talk about Jarrett gunning for the Intercontinental Title. Jarrett misses an elbow in the corner and Crystal heads up top. Jarrett cuts off Crystal and hits a superplex before the figure four gets the win (1:42). Jarrett struts after the match.

Thoughts: A win for Jarrett as they continue to push him as the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship.


An ad hyping the Survivor Series encore airing.


IRS is back in the cemetery with the promo we saw on “Superstars.”


The Bushwhackers vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Ray Hudson

We get a brawl to start that is won by The Bushwhackers, who are sporting new hats. Brawler and Luke slug it out in the corner then Luke bites him in the ass. The Bushwhackers work over Hudson as the announcers once again talk about the vacated Tag Team Titles. The Bushwhackers stay in control and finally put Hudson away with the Battering Ram (3:18). Gorilla suggests they could even become the next Tag Team Champions as DiBiase makes fun of them for smelling bad.

Thoughts: The announcers talked a bit about the vacated Tag Team Titles as we will wait to see how the company addresses the issue.


Another Live Event News segment with Minn. He sells us on the same stuff as before. And for these shows, he is speaking slower and clearer but remains completely unconvincing in his role.


Next week in action are Bam Bam Bigelow, Aldo Montoya, Jim Neidhart, Smoking Gunns, Kwang, Doink, and Lex Luger.


Final Thoughts: This show broke the news of Diesel becoming champion, making it the most use they’ve gotten out of Challenge in quite some time. Other than that they are really pushing a Shawn/Diesel feud going forward but will first give Backlund some rematches for the title. Other than that there was not much to see other than recycled clips from Superstars with other generic action.