Random Randy Savage

Hey, Scott:

Been down the ol’ 1989 Randy Savage rabbit hole lately and had some random questions for you:

1.) After his heel turn on Hogan, Savage famously worked some house shows with Warrior. But, he also worked a LOT with Bad News Brown around the loop. I know they were feuding leading up to the Mega-Powers split, but was there a reason some rando midcard face couldn’t get those February/March matches since the face vs. heel dynamic drove the industry back then?

2.) Was Savage becoming king in the fall of 1989 always part of his character’s long-term arc or more of an indictment on the malevolent reign of the King Haku character?

3.) If Savage never wrestles again after his WM7 match, would his character arc be the greatest in WWF history? I mean, not that it *wasn’t* great, but, for me, it was pretty much pitch perfect from 1985-1991 (scoundrel to hero to scoundrel to redemption) and a “happily ever after” wedding would’ve stuck the landing at Summerslam 1991. I know it wasn’t the original plan for Savage to come back so soon, but when he did, it was clear that magic from his first face run was fading. (I’m sure his crumbling marriage played a large part.)

1. The matches where booked and advertised weeks in advance, so it wasn't an ideal situation to just switch things out like that.  Plus it gave us that amazing scenario with people CHEERING BAD NEWS.  
2. Always part of the plan as far as I know.
3.  Yeah, I'd say his comeback kind of soured things afterwards.  He definitely wasn't the same person once he got off the juice and started having his marriage crumble.  Leave 'em wanting more like George Costanza.  Or Ultimate Warrior.