Times when it was right.

Scott.   There so many things wrong with WWE right now in my humble opinion.   But instead of focusing on the wrong – let’s talk about times when they got it right

1.  What’s a match for you that was just dome right.  Perfectly booked, perfectly executed?  One of my favs has always been Warrior vs Rude from Summerslam 89.  The pop for Warrior winning still gets me pumped up all these years later

2.  A program that they got just right?   I’ve always loved Undertaker-Shawn from the fall of 97.  Started at summerslam and ended at Badd Blood with the first hell in a cell.  It produced a couple of great matches, Kane debuted, and I just loved it. 

3.   A year where they got things just right?   I know in wrestling you can’t really go an entire year without some bad stuff but I’ve always loved 1997.  The rise of Austin, the submission match at WM 13, the hart foundation reforming, Canada vs USA, Shawn Michaels late 97 heel run, forming DX, Kane, Rocky Myavia becoming The Rock, and the list goes on. 

1.  Warrior v. Honky Tonk Man at Summerslam.  Not only a great payoff to a mystery opponent storyline, but a great payoff to the long-running Honky Tonk coward champion story as well, with Warrior cutting the Gordian Knot and just destroying him before he could figure out how to escape with his title.
2.  The whole Roddy Piper v. Adrian Adonis saga was perfect from start to finish for me.  Plus they managed to spin off another character in the form of Brutus Beefcake as a barber to pay off a side-story as well.  
3.  For me it's always 2000.  Too much great stuff and great matches every week, it seemed like, with a string of bangers on PPV and only one or two duds.