NXT UK – March 5, 2020

Date: March 5, 2020
Location: York Barbican, York, England
Commentators: Aiden English, Tom Phillips

It’s time to get serious around here again with Walter defending the United Kingdom Title against Dave Mastiff. This might not be the most suspenseful title match in the world but they have done a good job of making Mastiff into a big deal where a win over him will mean a little something for Walter. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Walter vs. Mastiff, including Mastiff dropping the champ with one right hand because Walter’s power advantage won’t be here this time.

Opening sequence.

Travis Banks vs. Alexander Wolfe

Banks hits a running knee to the floor and a suicide dive takes Wolfe down in the first ten seconds. Back in and the Slice of Heaven is elbowed out of the air, allowing Wolfe to take his jacket off. A dropkick gives Wolfe two and we’re onto the chinlock to keep Banks in trouble. Banks fights up and dropkicks him into the corner, setting up a hard kick to the chest from the apron.

More kicks to the chest have Wolfe in trouble but he’s right back with a swinging suplex. Wolfe’s German suplex gets two more but Banks gets in his own suplex. They fight to the apron and Banks gets to the middle rope for a kick to the chest, knocking both of them outside. Wolfe is fine enough to hit a hanging DDT onto the floor for two back inside, followed by a sitout powerbomb for the pin at 9:00.

Rating: C+. Banks is a weird case as he never seems to get as high up as he should be going. I’m not sure what is slowing him down but it’s kind of disappointing to see someone like him not be able to get over the hump. Then there’s Wolfe, who is proving to be a bit more than the lower singles member of Imperium, which is a bit surprising.

Eddie Dennis talks about how he went from being a principal to a wrestler. He has a mathematics degree and it takes a certain intellect to manipulate the mind.

Video on the tag team division.

Ridge Holland vs. Saxon Huxley

Huxley pounds away in the corner but gets caught in an early suplex. Back to back Northern Grits finish Huxley at 1:18. Holland looked awesome.

Jordan Devlin says he’ll be back next week.

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Isla Dawn

They fight over a wristlock to start and Valkyrie gets a few near falls off some rollups. A monkey flip lets Valkyrie put her down for two and they go into the pinfall reversal sequence. Valkyrie misses the big kick though as Dawn drops into the splits. Dawn powers her into the corner to get out of something like a Kimura, setting up a Meteora for two. Valkyrie gets in a kick to the face though and the top rope ax kick is good for the pin at 4:30.

Rating: C-. This didn’t have much time and while Valkyrie continues to look dominant, she isn’t looking like a star most of the time. Maybe she needs some adjustments, but I haven’t seen the big moment from here that makes me think there’s something special there. Then again she has had a handful of matches around here so maybe she just needs some more time.

Ligero is annoyed that Noam Dar has been talking about him on social media. People need to come to him face to face and Dar will have the chance next week. Maybe it would help if you took the mask off dude.

United Kingdom Title: Walter vs. Dave Mastiff

Walter is defending and takes Mastiff into the corner, only to have the chop blocked. Mastiff gets two off a running crossbody and we hit the quickly broken chinlock. The sleeper doesn’t work on Mastiff so Walter kicks him in the face. A powerbomb doesn’t work either so Mastiff sits on his chest. Walter gets German suplexed into the corner but he cuts off the Into The Void attempt with a dropkick.

Another big boot has less effect as Mastiff is up for the big slugout, with Walter getting the better of things. The top rope splash misses though and Mastiff hits a rebound German suplex. A Regal Roll gets two and Into The Void connects for the same. Mastiff gets knocked off the top but is fine enough to hit a big forearm. Walter goes to the throat though and finally manages a powerbomb to retain at 7:59.

Rating: B. The ending wasn’t in doubt and that was cemented as soon as Into The Void got two but I have a great time with this. They didn’t both with anything more than having two big guys trade hard shots until one of them couldn’t get up. It wasn’t supposed to be some long, drawn out classic with a bunch of drama and they didn’t go anywhere near something like that.

Overall Rating: B-. Another good episode this week with the big main event (big for between Takeovers that is) and some other nice stuff underneath. Walter vs. Finn Balor is going to be awesome in Ireland though and a title change isn’t completely out of the question. You can see the card coming together from here and after the most recent Takeover around here, that’s rather appealing.


Alexander Wolfe b. Travis Banks – Sitout powerbomb

Ridge Holland b. Saxon Huxley – Northern Grit

Aoife Valkyrie b. Isla Dawn – Top rope ax kick

Walter b. Dave Mastiff – Powerbomb

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