Video Game Discussion thread!

People seem to like these, so let’s run down my recent video game stuff.

First up, I’ve been pretty much exclusively PS4 for a while now because it has the games I’ve been playing, like God of War and the Spyro remasters, but Microsoft sent me an enticement code after my Live Gold subscription ran out a year ago.  See, I actually won my Xbox before release through Microsoft online training, and they gave away Gold subscriptions like candy as a part of the same training program, so it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I even had a PS4 because I hate paying for stuff.  However, then Microsoft got really cheap and stopped giving out Live subs and more importantly stopped giving out Office codes (I had accumulated literally 5 years worth of Xbox Live Gold and Office 365 credits) and so I pretty much put away the XBox for a long while and switched to PS4.  Anyway, I hooked it up again because I have Sims 4 installed on it and I also have a 9 year old daughter, you do the math.  They had an lapsed subscriber enticement offer for $1 for three months of combined Gold subscription AND Gamepass together ($17 a month afterwards) and I thought “Hey, that sounds like future Scott’s problem!” and signed up for it.  Long story short, Red Dead Redemption II was half-price as a part of that deal so I grabbed that, and also Yazuka Zero off Gamepass because everyone thinks it’s great and I’ve never tried them.  Plus of course the Goose game.

The goose game is great because it does not overstay its welcome at all, getting in and out after four levels of greatness and remains hilarious from start to finish.  I don’t really want to do all the extra missions, though, so farewell goose.  Red Dead is also insanely entertaining and I love the classic Western music in the background and cinematic camera, although the snow-bound tutorial levels are a bit of a slog.  I haven’t really gotten into the meat of the game yet (I just got to camp at Horseshoe) because once I start I need to dedicate a large amount of time to it.

Also, I picked up one of those True Blue Mini sticks from Amazon for my PS Classic, and it immediately fucked up my controller port because I had the Bleemsync hack installed previously and apparently the True Blue guys put a malicious script on their device that prevents you from using any other USB devices.  So back to Amazon it goes!  Which is too bad because there’s an impressive collection of games housed on them and frankly I don’t how they haven’t been sued off the planet by Sony as of yet.  For those keeping track I have the PS Classic and Genesis Mini currently, and I had an NES Classic but sold it.  Regardless, the Switch has all the NES and SNES stuff built into their online service and it’s pretty boss, so I don’t need to hunt down an SNES Mini to complete my collection.