The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 03.03.20

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 03.03.20

Episode 20 – “Stand & Defend”

Initially I thought it said “Stan & Defend” and I was worried it was an hour of people bitching at each other about the NXT v. AEW war.

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

World TV title:  Ricky Starks v. Zicky Dice

As always, Dice reminds us that no one is to touch his fanny pack.  Dice takes him down and we get a quick pushup contest and posedown, but Starks throws chops in the corner and follows with a flying forearm for two.  Zicky bails to buy some time, which as Stu points out is a bad idea in a match with 6:05 time limit.  He also points out that although he really likes Zicky, he makes sure to wash his hands after shaking with him.  Yeah, that’s just a good idea no matter who you are today, sadly.  Back in the Zicky bends Ricky around the post to work the back and goes to a chinlock before choking away on the ropes.  Starks blocks a northern lights and tries a DDT, but that goes south on him, so he hits a Falcon Arrow for two instead.  Zicky comes back and rubs his ass on Ricky in the corner (Crowd:  “You are gross!”) and hits his neckbreaker for two, as Starks was JUST a hair under the ropes.  Dice grabs his fanny pack and then throws it at Ricky before claiming GRAND THEFT FANNY PACK, but the ref isn’t buying it.  Ricky tries the Stroke, but Zicky shockingly reverses into a surprise cradle at 5:05 for the PIN AND THE TITLE?!?!  Yes, Zicky Dice wins a major title, this is a thing that just happened.  Fun match from these two as always.  ***

Thom Latimer immediately cuts off Dice’s victory promo and tells him to sod off, demanding that Joe Galli come over so he can personally tell Joe that Kamille will speak NEXT WEEK.  Well, Joe was pretty obsessed with it.

Meanwhile, Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll cut their promos in the empty arena that will be hosting the Crockett Cup in April.  The promos continue to be strong, but once they changed the stips from “Marty refunds the entire crowd” to “Marty pays Aldis $500,000” I think it became obvious that Aldis is keeping the title.  I’ll still be ordering the show because they had me at “Crockett Cup” anyway.

Meanwhile, The Question Mark sits down with a dummy and discusses Mongrovia.  Also, you can buy a Mongrovian flag now.

Aron Stevens joins us at the desk, and he’s after the World tag team title BELTS with Question Mark.  He likes to say BELT, you see.  But he feels like he’s being overlooked here, so he’s calling out the legends and wants someone to go wake up the Rock N Roll Express (“Would you like them to come out here asleep?  You people don’t think!  Sorry, wrong character.”)  And then he gets another great line with “I don’t want to waste your time, lord knows how much you have left.”  So he suggests that they all go to the ring and the RNR “do business”, WINK WINK, and then they’ll all go hang out in Hollywood and it’s win-win for everyone.  So it’s a match next week, but Ricky doesn’t seem to be willing to “do business” for them.  You mean it’s gonna be a SHOOT?

I sense wackiness next week.  Although later it turns out that there is no “next week” and Powerrr actually returns March 17 with a super-sized show.

Last Chance match:  The Dawsons v. CW Anderson & Caleb Konley

Apparently everyone’s contract has expired, so only the winners get a new one.  OK, so they must have taped stuff out of order, because last week the Pope was talking about how the Dawsons are gone from the promotion, so I’m assuming they do the job here.  Or maybe Pope just revealed some storyline information too soon.  Konley slugs it out with Zane and hits knees and a dropkick on him in the corner, then follows with a running boot to put him on the floor.  Dave clobbers him from behind to save his brother and trade shots with CW.  CW drops an elbow for two, but runs into a clothesline from Zane on the apron and the Dawsons follow with a double suplex for two. The Dawsons double-team Konley, but CW saves and the babyfaces whip the Dawsons into each other and make the comeback.  Konley gets caught in a double powerbomb that gets two, but CW saves again.  The Dawsons double-team him with a splash in the corner into a chokeslam for two, but CW dumps Dave to the floor and Caleb follows with a tope.  Back in the ring, the faces double-team Zane and CW hits the spinebuster, setting up Konley’s moonsault to finish at 4:38 and send the Dawsons out of the NWA.  Good little tornado match here.  **1/2

May Valentine and Sal Rinauro join Joe at the desk, and they’re best friends forever.  Sal’s even helping her with her new lingerie line while his arm is broken!  So Joe suggests that they make an episode of May’s vlog right there in the audience, but that brings out Royce Isaacs as the jealous boyfriend, who threatens to break Sal’s good arm in retaliation.  Rookie move.

The Pope and his new Bouncers chat with Dave Marquez, and now they’ve got a title shot.

NWA World tag team titles:  Eli Drake & James Storm v. The Bouncers

Drake and Milonas trade some trash talk and Brian tosses him around to start, but Drake slugs back and tries a slam.  That doesn’t go well for him, so he tries a shoulderblock back in the ring and that doesn’t go well for him either.  Bruiser comes in and pounds on Drake in the corner, but Cowboy comes in for a double-team kneedrop and legdrop for two.  Bruiser catches him with a samoan drop and Milonas comes in to show off his abs, and Storm can’t slam him either.  Bruiser bites on Storm in the corner while Eddie Kingston has words with Pope on the floor, and then Milonas comes in with a Stinkface on Storm in the corner and Bruiser gets two.  Hot tag Drake, however, and he dropkicks the Bouncers out of the ring to set up a tope from Storm.  Drake rolls up Bruiser after a botched Flatliner attempt and he gets two.  They set up the Hart Attack from Milonas breaks it up and the Bouncers squish Drake with running bellies and go back to work on Storm.  The Bouncers go up to opposite corners, but Drake brings Bruiser down and finally the champs team up and slam Milonas.  This sets up the Eli Drake Elbow on Bruiser, which finishes at 8:12.  This was pretty rough and the Bouncers are BAD.  *1/4  Eddie Kingston wants to get at the Pope again, but he’s having none of it, and we’re done for the week.

Main event was pretty brutal but the rest of the show was the usual fun and breezy hour of TV.