Dynamite – March 4, 2020

Date: March 4, 2020
Location: 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, Colorado
Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone

We’re in a new stretch for AEW as Revolution has come and gone, meaning we have a new World Champion. Jon Moxley defeated Chris Jericho to win the title on Saturday, marking the first time that the title has changed hands. It should be interesting to see where we’re going next, but WarGames is looming in three weeks. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of Revolution.

Here’s Moxley for his first chat as champion but he has to wait for the YOU DESERVE IT chants to die down. Moxley says AEW represents professional wrestling and this belt never belonged to Chris Jericho. It doesn’t belong to him either, because the belt belongs to the people. Every fan out there who said they wanted something different helped bring pro wrestling back. He will defend this title with his life and there isn’t a man in this industry who has what it takes to pry it away from his cold dead hands.

Moxley knows the Inner Circle is still coming for him and seeing the title on his shoulder is like acid in Jericho’s mouth. Moxley dares them to come after him so here comes Jericho, flanked by the rest of the team. The fans keep singing the song after the music stops for….I think it was a cool moment but I’m not sure. Jericho says he doesn’t need a belt to be Le Champion and yells at the fans for not chanting in unison. The fans may like the Moxley Era but Jericho thinks it sucks. Moxley’s title reign was based on a lie and the fact that Moxley can see out of both eyes is not worthy of a champion.

Therefore, Moxley is a liar and so are all of these fans. Now the Inner Circle is a hit squad and they’re coming after the entire roster. They’re going to hurt some people, starting with Moxley. After tonight’s main event (there’s a hug for Sammy), Moxley isn’t walking out of this dump on his own. Jericho is so sure of it, that if Moxley walks out on his own tonight, he’ll take a sixty day hiatus from AEW. Moxley knows he isn’t that smart but he’s so sick of hearing Jericho talk, that he’s going to beat him again tonight in Broomfield, Colorado.

Here’s a preview for the rest of the show.

SCU/Colt Cabana vs. Dark Order

Cabana and Grayson start things off with Cabana shrugging off some chops. The Order comes in to take over on Cabana and knock SCU off the apron at the same time. SCU gets back in and takes over on Silver, including a running series of elbows in the corner. Daniels gets sent outside though and Uno posts him to take over. The beatdown has Daniels down in the corner and we take a break.

Back with Daniels still in trouble but getting away from Silver and making the hot tag to Kazarian. House is cleaned and the assisted middle rope stomp puts Grayson down. A slingshot cutter gives Kazarian two and it’s off to Cabana to deal with multiple parts of the Order at the same time time. The fans are into Cabana but are also happy for Sky’s big flip dive over the top. Cabana hits the Chicago Skyline on Silver, followed by the Superman Pin at 10:27.

Rating: C+. Well at least the important members didn’t get pinned. The match was a good way to give Cabana his first win and continue the build towards the Exalted One. I’m still curious to see who it is and that’s a good feeling to have, as long as the reveal is even somewhat good.

Post match, Uno threatens SCU with the arrival of the Exalted One, because he will not be pleased.

Highlights of the Revolution Tag Team match, featuring quotes from Alvarez, Keller and Meltzer. Now granted they don’t say who those people are so anyone who aren’t hardcore fans won’t know who they are, but they did say that Justin Barrasso writes for Sports Illustrated.

Big Swole vs. Leva Bates

Britt Baker, with coffee for Tony, is on commentary. Swole shoves Bates down to start but a Peter Avalon distraction lets Bates hit her with a book. A Backstabber rocks Swole but she’s right back with Dirty Dancing for the pin at 1:28. Well that was emphatic.

Video on MJF stealing a pin over Cody.

Here’s Cody for a chat. He doesn’t know if he wants to talk about what it means to lose to MJF because it means a lot to get on a pay per view, let alone win. Cody has gone through a lot and now he wants MJF to come out here right now, look him in the eye and say he won fair and square. Instead, here’s Jake Roberts for your random cameo of the week. Jake: “I got tired of hearing you cry and b****.”

Roberts says he’s here because the Dark Side is coming to AEW and it will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s been twenty years to get clean and now he has earned it. If you think he’s going to be a nice boy who plays nice, you have another thing coming. For years, he brought a snake to the ring to get in people’s heads and now he’s still getting in heads.

His client is coming and he’ll be on the floor getting in Cody’s head again. Cody can even bring Arn Anderson if he wants because Jake is just here to take Cody’s piece of the pie. Jake says never turn your back on someone you respect or are afraid of before turning his back on Cody and walking away. They got the point across, but it took a few seconds for Jake to start making sense.

Clips of Pac vs. Orange Cassidy.

Chuck Taylor vs. Pac

Orange Cassidy and Trent are at ringside. They run the ropes to start with neither being able to make much contact. A hurricanrana puts Taylor on the floor but Pac rolls outside to stare at Cassidy. Taylor jumps over him in the corner and chops away but Pac takes it outside. That means a hard whip into the barricade and we take a break.

Back with Pac working on the arm until Taylor fights up with a dropkick to the floor. That means a dive over the top, but he still has time to hug Trent. Back in and Pac gets caught with an Awful Waffle in the corner for a rather close two. The moonsault misses though and the Brutalizer makes Chuck tap at 10:05.

Rating: C-. This wasn’t the extended squash that it should have been, which is annoying at least Pac continues to make the fans hate him. I’m sure the feud will continue, even though Pac has dominated the entire thing and apparently has the Lucha Bros with him. Chuck wasn’t bad as usual, but the entire team feels like it’s playing over its head.

Post match Trent gets in Pac’s face but Cassidy takes his place. Cue the Lucha Bros for the beatdown, with Pac naming the trio the Death Triangle. Is there some rule that EVERYONE around here has to be in some kind of a faction??? Cassidy takes the spike Fear Factor and Pentagon bites his ear.

Tully Blanchard wants your suggestions for Shawn Spears’ partner.

QT Marshall vs. Jake Hager

Brandi Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Santana and Ortiz are here. Hager takes him down with straight power to start and Marshall gets dropped with a knee to the ribs. The running Vader Bomb hits raised boots and Marshall’s corkscrew Swanton gets two. Hager is right back with a heck of a clothesline, setting up the standing arm triangle choke for the win at 3:23.

Rating: D+. Just a squash here and that’s fine enough. Hager is someone who needs to pick up wins like this to show that he can be more than a heavy and they did what they should have done. This feels like they’re setting up something for the future with a six man tag, though I’m not sure how much fuel something between these people are going to have.

Post match Hager won’t let go so Dustin comes in. That draws out Cody to clean house until Santana and Ortiz take him down with a chair shot. Cue Matt Jackson for the attempted save but the numbers are too big for him. Now it’s Hangman Page, who puts the beer on the post and starts wrecking people, including the Buckshot Lariat to Hager. Matt gets in Page’s face so Page flips him off and leaves.

MJF says he’s all about pinning shoulders to mats and banging rats (MJF: “AKA women.”). He’s gone from prospect to prodigy and now it’s time for him to become #1 contender. MJF will face Jungle Jabroni or Marko Stunted growth and doesn’t care who he is. It’s hot in here though so he needs to take his jacket off, revealing an I Pinned Cody shirt. That shirt is obnoxious, regrettable and very distracting. MJF: “Kind of like a neck tattoo, don’t you think?” We’re not worthy of MJF because this was glorious.

Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara vs. Jon Moxley/Darby Allin

Hold on though as three masked men jump Moxley during his entrance. They take him into the concourse and remove the masks to reveal Santana, Ortiz and Hager as the beatdown is on. Moxley gets covered with trash and choked out as commentary says Allin was jumped in the ring, which is why he isn’t coming out for the save. Ignore being able to see Allin standing up and watching the beatdown on the monitor.

Anyway, Allin agrees to wrestle on his own so Sammy knees him down for an early two. Jericho comes in and chokes in the corner, with Hager and company out to choke as well. A sunset flip out of the corner gives Allin two but Jericho is right back with the Walls. Allin makes the save so Jericho baseball slides him to the floor as we take a break. Back with Jericho hitting a suplex and bringing Sammy back in for a double elbow. The fans chant something censored before switching to STUPID IDIOT.

Allin fights up and knocks Jericho outside for a suicide flip dive but the numbers take him down again. Sammy kicks him in the back for two but the Lionsault hits knees. Allin tags himself in and gets all fired up, meaning the comeback is on. Jericho and Sammy are sent outside for the top rope Coffin Drop onto the entire Inner Circle. Back in and the Coffin Drop gets two on Sammy with Jericho making the save. Darby sends Jericho outside but the suicide dive gets Judas Effected out of the air. Allin is done and Sammy gets the pin at 14:08.

Rating: B. This was another show stealing performance from Allin, who needs to actually win something big at some point. It was a match where I got into Allin again and that’s something that happens almost every time he’s out there. Good stuff here and the action helped boost up a solid story.

Post match here’s Moxley to throw a chair at Hager but the numbers game gets the better of him as well. The Inner Circle takes him to the stage and powerbombs him down through some tables to end the show.

Lance Archer didn’t appear and wasn’t mentioned.

Overall Rating: B. It wasn’t quite as good as some of their previous efforts but that’s a pretty high standard to reach. There were some very good parts here along with some that were a bit odd/weak, such as Roberts’ random cameo and ANOTHER group named after death/darkness/evil. Still a good show and they’ve got a lot to look forward to, which is a great sign coming out of a pay per view.


SCU/Colt Cabana b. Dark Order – Superman Pin to Silver

Big Swole b. Leva Bates – Dirty Dancing

Pac b. Chuck Taylor – Brutalizer

Jake Hager b. QT Marshall – Standing arm triangle choke

Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara b. Darby Allin – Judas Effect

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