WWF Sunday Night Slam – November 20, 1994

November 20, 1994

From the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, PA. This was taped on 11/8 during the “Superstars” tapings.

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Gorilla Monsoon


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Smoking Gunns

The Bodies attack the Gunns before the match begins. The Gunns fight back with an assisted slingshot clothesline then the Gunns clear the ring and finally remove their entrance gear. Billy and Prichard are now in the ring and Billy uses a bulldog after a criss-cross sequence. Bart tags in and covers for two as the announcers talk about the Guts & Glory vs. Million $ Team. Bart now runs over Del Ray then scares off Cornette then Del Ray bounces off of Bart once again. The announcers now hype Razor Ramon vs. Diesel for RAW as Billy now works a side headlock on the mat. The Gunns hit a side slam/leg drop combo then Billy plays to the crowd before covering and only gets two as even the announcers yell at them for wasting time. Prichard low-bridges Bart, who spills outside, then Prichard sends Bart into the post. The Bodies cut the ring in half and prevent Bart from making the tag by running interference. Bart now fights back but Del Ray drops him with a floatover DDT. Del Ray covers for two after a knee drop then we go to break. We return as The Bodies beat on Bart in the corner. Del Ray gyrates and covers but Bart reveres for two. Del Ray then clotheslines Bart and slaps Billy across the face as The Bodies now rough up Bart in the corner. Prichard applies a chin lock but Bart breaks that up with a jawbreaker. Del Ray tags in and prevents Bart from making the tag then hits a reverse neckbreaker for two. Bart manages a sunset flip for a two count but Del Ray goes back on the attack. The Bodies choke out Bart in the corner but Prichard ducks his head for a back drop and ends up getting booted in the face and clotheslined. Both men are down as Bart manages a small package for two but Prichard is able to bring Bart back into his corner. Del Ray tags and nails a thrust kick then Prichard uses a slam but whiffs on a flying knee drop. Billy tries to drag Bart towards him from the apron then Bart finally makes the tag in an overdramatic sequence. Billy runs wild and dumps Del Ray then the Gunns hit Prichard with a double press slam but Del Ray comes in and drills Billy with a super kick. Prichard covers for two but Billy floats over and then uses a crucifix to put away Prichard (12:41 shown) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Really good TV match and you would think this would have been the end of their feud but they would still wrestle at house shows through the rest of the year. Bart Gunn is not the ideal choice for face-in-peril but he did an adequate job I thought. Billy’s hot tag was solid though. And the Bodies double-team work was fantastic. They were an underrated team for sure but with their size and look they were never going to get that much of a push in the WWF.


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The video package on the Bob Backlund/Bret Hart feud airs.


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Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette vs. John Crystal

The announcers mention Chuck Norris being at Survivor Series with Gorilla bringing up Jeff Jarrett and Tatanka talking trash. Yokozuna beats on Crystal then puts him away with an uranage (1:07).

Thoughts: A quick squash to put over Yokozuna heading into the casket match but his conditioning becomes more of an issue with each appearance.


Survivor Series Report


British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart

Owen loosened the turnbuckle cover before the match begun. The announcers talk about Bret Hart trusting Bulldog more than anyone to be in his corner. Owen taunts the crowd after stalling in the corner. Both men trade arm wringers as Gorilla want to know why Neidhart is not at ringside. Bulldog catches Owen in a press slam then clotheslines him over the top rope. Owen tries to suplex Bulldog over the top rope but Bulldog reverses. Bulldog runs over Owen then takes him over with a hip toss before applying an armbar. Owen catches Bulldog with a knee to the gut right before the break and is still in control when the match returns. Owen hits an inverted atomic drop then chokes out Bulldog a few different ways. Owen now uses a rear chin lock as the announcers bring up Bulldog vs. Bret at SummerSlam ’92 and if any animosity is still lingering around. Bulldog finally escapes then uses a sunset flip for a nearfall. Owen comes back with an enziguiri for two as Gorilla continues to yell at him for not hooking the leg. Owen uses another chin lock to wear down Bulldog as Lane brings up the turnbuckle pad Owen loosened before the match began. Owen hits an elbow drop from the middle rope that gets two then Bulldog surprises him with a small package for two. Owen clotheslines Bulldog for two as we go to break. We return with Bulldog fighting out of another chin lock then both men collide. Owen now takes off the turnbuckle pad and tosses it as the ref throws it outside. However, Bullldog reverses and sends Owen into the exposed steel. Bulldog uses a slingshot into the corner for two then takes Owen down with a monkey flip. Bulldog then eats boot on a charge and Owen comes back with a bulldog. Owen rolls around on the mat holding his knee after coming down on a leap frog. The ref tends to Owen and Bulldog looks over but that allows Backlund to run in from behind and put Bulldog in the crossface chicken wing as the ref rings the bell for a DQ (10:56 shown) **3/4. Backlund keeps the hold on as Owen stomps away on Bulldog. A few officials run out and fail to pry Backlund off then Bret comes out and beats on Owen before taking Backlund off of Bulldog. Bret now hammers away on Backlund and rips his shirt off as he clubs away. Bret then goes for the Sharpshooter but Owen makes the save and drags Backlund to safety.

Thoughts: Solid match although paced more like something you’d see at a house show. The end was designed to add heat to the submission match at Survivor Series and made sense given that Owen and Bulldog were also involved. I also liked Owen dragging Backlund to safety before Bret could apply the Sharpshooter.


Final Thoughts: I did like how this show was 60 minutes long as it focused more on newer stuff rather than using recycled squash matches from syndicated shows and video packages. Having Lane come back was a bit odd and it literally sounded like Vince was telling him everything to say. And Gorilla was terrible I thought and man did he hate Owen Hart at this time. And not in a way because Owen was a heel, either. I remember hearing somewhere (Between the Sheets podcast I think) how in WWF the wrestlers were told not to hook the leg during a pinuntil the finish yet Gorilla would be on commentary yelling at people who did not hook the leg and here he did it Owen a lot. It felt out of character because why would you be that mad over a heel not doing something designed to help him win the match. Besides the submission match, I don’t know how well they sold anything else for Survivor Series but the two matches were both good TV matches, making it an easy show to watch.